Windy Wednesday

Yup the wind started last night... when it gets lighter out I have to go check my chimes, one was sure being whipped around. But they sure sound prettyful!!!!!! Today's the day before thanksgiving. woohoo. Although sad to say I think I am more excited about Hubby not having to work and us putting up our Christmas stuff Friday than I am about the actual event. I'm homesick.... usually if we went for any holiday to Arkansas is was Thanksgiving. All my life Thanksgiving has been chock full O' tons of people. (Usually too many for comfort) When it's not I feel a sort of emptiness. Which is odd because more than anything I love staying home with Hubby and the boy and I would much rather be here with them than anywhere so it's kinda stupid to be feelling this way huh? Anyway we are down here and we have each other and that's what counts. I have to stop typing without the light on.... I looked back at that paragraph and it was off by one letter throughout. (Yeah I didn't look at the screen cuz I was trying to see the keys!) Still crocheting like mad taking turns on everything. Since we aren't going anywhere I will continue to post throughout the rest of the week/weekend. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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