I am so glad it's Friday.... I missed David so much this week. I am so close to being finished with Belles poncho I should be doing that instead of being on here. I'll post pics later hopefully. Depends on the boy, if he's a big of a monster as yesterday I may not get much done. Not a good day today, my sciatic nerve was acting up yesterday, started while I was cleaning the living room (Yes David despite what you think I DID actually clean it yesterday). And has been bothering me all night, was just my foot but now it's radiating up my leg. I've had trouble with it forever. Sooo my right leg hurts like hell and really hurts when something touches it (those of you with this problem know full well what I am talking about), which is going to make today's laundry and dishes etc go real well... not looking forward to it. OK Have I bitched enough? OH! Karen(I think it was Karen) from Denton who sent me a message through yahoo, I need you to send me another, I closed the window and yahoo didn't save the message in my archive (bad yahoo, bad)so I don't have your yahoo id to answer you back.

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