We're Baaaaaaaaaack!

We got in late last night. Everything went well. They want him to go down to Dallas next Friday and meet the guy who runs that one. If they get along and he (David ) wishes he has the job!!!!! So we go next thursday to Dallas.... Guess I better start looking at places to rent down there. So good to have the boy back. Oh we got back to a "for sale" sign sitting in our front yard. Would have been nice if they had given us an idea they were gonna list!



Didn't sleep well last night. Nervous about today I guess. Trying to remember to take what we need lol. This will be our first real trip together. We've went down to Arkansas to see my family and such but never have we been gone overnight. So glad to go get the boy, we have missed him so much! I did my nails last night. so am having to get used to typing with nails lol. Well, you probably won't hear from me until Saturday as we will get home Friday night. Hope all goes well.



I was going to comment on this earlier in the week but the sheer insanity of it just kept me from saying anything. WHY in the hairy heck would Purcells want a dried up old hasbeen of a football player like Eddie George????? He's got it to where the Cowboys are already a joke! Now he goes and hires George??? GET REAL!!!!!! A couple months ago I had the oppertunity to go to a charity BBQ hosted by Jones' (Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys)mother, Jerry Jones was expected, we ended up doing something else but I know he was there as one of David's friends met and talked to him. I wish we would have went so I could have asked him "What in the hell are you doing to that team???!!!!" I KNEW this was gonna happen when he hired Purcells.... SHEESH!!!!!! *walks off mumbling and shaking head*

Redecorated AGAIN

Yeah I know I redecorated AGAIN... I like this layout better... I like having the three colums I just hope everyone can see it right.

New Buttons

Trying my hand at blinkies:
And just because:    
Not much going on, talked to Mom, she's doing better, they think her toe is healing so that real good. Still worry bout her though. Tomorrow We go get the boy woohoo!!!!!!!!!! Sure have missed him. Then it's off to Nebraska.



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Monday Monday

Working on Sutty's Test Pattern Am having a ball here's what I've done so far:

Busy week this week as Wenesday has us up to Rolla to get Sean, then we are either leaving for Nebraska Wenesday night or Thursday Mornin' Should be back Friday Night Saturday at the latest.


Sunday Already

Weekends NEVER last long enough. I never get enough cuddle time before David has to go back to work. Course this week is a short week but I doubt we'll have much cuddletime on the road lol. That's right Wenesday we go get Sean (WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!) from his Father's and then when we get back from there it's up to Omaha. So it's going to be a busy week.


My cat

I guess that means I need to pay some attn to the cat. lol - David I love you with all my heart!


Weeeeelll Isn't That SPECIAL Looks like Photobucket is down this mornin'. The cat was at it again.... Not sure what he has going on. I know he misses the boy, but he wouldn't have been playing with him at 2 am either.. I know the getting in bed at 4 is he is used to D getting up then and is probably thinking something is wrong since he hasn't had to get up until 5 this week. lol They are saying that we may not get out of the 70's ALL weekend!!!!!!!!! woohoo yeehaaaw... We have only had about 7 days above 90 this summer.... It's really unusual. NOT that I'm complainin! My allergies are killing me. I am all either plugged up or running like crazy. David should be coming home early today. OMG!!!!! The latest "scandal" at work is the boss told another guy to go fire this 70 yr old man who has worked there for years and had just gotten married. Told the guy that he didn't want to do it and it would sound better coming from this man and to tell him he was being laid off but he wasn't really. He said "Well he's close to retirement anyway so it's no big deal" NO big deal? Tell that to that man! Why couldn't he had sit him down and explained that the co was having money trouble and they were going to have to let him go and then give him an early retirement party... Why not? Because xxxxx xxxxxxx is a ball-lessno-brainedno-managementskilledlowlife who can't even do his own dirty work. If he'd done it that way they may have had to pay him some retirement... God forbid they would have to take care of one of their loyal employees. OK... I'll shut up ranting... The kids are off... on their way to Virginia. I sure hope it works out for them there.



I just got a snail-mail letter from Rae (Sis) , (my best friend from school -we had found each other online a couple years ago after we hadn't seen/talked for 15 years) She's been living in Texas for almost a year with her computer not set up due to lack of space so we only get once in awhile to talk online- she had been watching this woman who works with her hubby's kids and had been able to use the net but the woman got transfered to another shift so now thats out :( Funny ironic thing is we maybe moving to texas so good right? Well not- because her hubby put in for transfer to a fed prison (yeah he is a guard) do in beaumont so we're still gonna be just about as far away as now if we do move! lol I swear the fates just want us away from one another! I wish she'd get her puter up and online. I miss her so much. OH but she paid me for the Tree of Life keychain I designed and made for her to give her cousin.... WOOHOO!!!!! I got paid for something I made!!!!!!!!!!


I'm trying to get this worked out... I had the same trouble with my website(Shadydowns) It's the tables... I hate tables... I think I'll go crochet for a bit and see if I can't figure out a new style.

On scrolling

I'm not sure why some keep having to scroll down to see the actual blog entries... I don't have to and neither does some so I will see what I can come up with. Be patient. :)


I mooded myself refreshed this mornin, as I actually got some good sleep, or at least I feel like I did. I was awake before 2 though as the kitty was up on the bed goofing off an dI thought it was 4 so I got up to feed him so he wouldn't wake D up only to realize it was almost 2 am.... took me a bit to get back to sleep lol. I think I'll turn "got blog?" into a button and make some more buttons for blogs today. Titans let go of Eddie George, wonder who he's gonna end up with. God how I cannot wait until football season starts back up!!!!!!! Just disappoints me how we missed that Chiefs game last year cuz of the weather and now none of us are going to get a chance to go. David's son and his family are all packed up for their move back to Virginia tonight :( So even if we don't move to Texas we ALL wouldn't be here to go so I guess it's ok. NOT!!!!! but this is life and that's just a football game. So I'll live. I'd much rather those kids make their move and he get a good job and they be happy!


Just playing

Wanted to try out the new .gif I made. You can swipe it but please give credit where it's due and upload to your server don't hotlink!

Windchime Surprise!

I collect windchimes, I have quite a few. I never met one I didn't like. I found a added bonus to one we got at Wal-Mart a year ago.

If you look at the hole you will see some straw hanging out. There is a finch that has built a nest in the top of my windchime! How neat is that?


IF I could make it through a day without messing up it's be a damn miricle.


Post #50!

Here's what I have so far of Adult Poncho: May end up getting the frog but we'll see...


I THINK I may have all the little bugs out of the new design. I thought there for alittle while that darn comments thingy was gonna win. Thanks to Dot who helped me at Crochetville with my size problems! Whew... not a moment to soon either, I spent ALL day yesterday working on this thing!


What an original title. I think the waterbed heater is sick... not good.... I think I have the size issue here solved. (In pictures size DOES matter lmao. Looks like we (all three of us) will be going to Nebraska for David's first interview with the prospective company week from this Thursday. David said if they offer the job, he's taking it. Really it's ok with me, as long as I got him I'm happy. I just hope we can find a place that lets us have Chloe and Hambut, I won't be happy if we have to give them up. Oh, about Hambut, I think the poor guy misses Sean too, he is moping around and sitting on my lap constantly. I'll sure be glad when he comes home. I called last night and he's having a good time they said. Did get him to say hi on the phone before he started pushing buttons (thats my boy lol). Sure miss him. Will post pics of poncho progress sometime today too.


Missin Boober

Boy I sure do miss the little guy. It was a strangely quiet weekend.... Today as I go 'bout my daily chores I am deeply saddened by the lack of "help" and constant chatter.  It's going to be a looooooong week and a half. :( D is the same way... he won't eat at the dinning room table cuz there's no Sean across the table.      


Waiting for hubby

I love you David, when you aren't here I am not whole. Hurry home safely.


FREE Martha Stewart !!!!!!!

HOW could they actually convict her anyways?

Long Day

Well we take the kid up to his Fathers tomorrow- sure will miss him but it'll be nice to have a break



OK We bought this : 1870 Robert E. Lee Portrait Engraved by A.M Walter NR From NUMARKETS on Ebay on July 1st. Payment cleared our bank on the 2nd of July. I recieved and email telling me they would hold it for 14 days because I paid by check and had less than ten feedback: well I had 14 at time of purchase (all positive) and paid by Paypal which had already cleared so I emailed them back telling them that. After about a week I got another email telling me they knew it was a weird policy but to have a nice day anyway. Now, I've done some checking on their feedback and it seems they pull this alot, and if you leave negitive or neutral feedback they do the same to you. Well today it arrive: in regular mail, the mailman brought it up because as she said "It wouldn't fit in the box" It's in a bubble envelope and had do not bend stamped on the outside with a crease down the middle where you could tell very noticable that it had been bent. I took pictures: THEY ARE HERE There's alittle tear on that one side and I don't know if you can tell in the pics but it's crinkly. I don't know if I should try to get my money back or what... I have a feeling no matter what I do they will retaliate by giving me negitive feedback. What do I do? I know David will be PISSED he really wanted this. DO NOT BUY FROM NUMARKETS ON EBAY OR ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!!

My Computer

I think it hates me... Half the time I cannot save any type of gfx file other than .bmp STRANGE.... Sean goes to his father's Saturday for his week and a half visit. Which is the first visit since Jan. He's gonna be so hard to handle the first couple days since it's been so long since he's been around them and away from Mom. But he'll get to see his Grandma when she comes in from Calif. which is the only reason he's going for so long. I will miss him but will enjoy the time off. Maybe I can get some projects finished. Plus learn some more on guitar and banjo.

I'm an IDIOT!

OK, yesterday my anxiety reached crisis level. I had a fullblown really really really bad attack; haven't had one like that in a long time. When I talked to David at work I couldn't get calmed down, so he ended up coming home because he was worried about me- it was that bad.... What do I do? I snap at him! Here he comes home from WORK to be with me because HE loves ME and I make him feel bad!!!! HOW STUPID CAN I BE?????????????????????? He's the best thing that has EVER happened to me. Why do I do stupid things like that? I'm such an idiot.


I'm soo tired...

Sean was up before 4:30 am this mornin... don't know why. *yawns* Plus been depressed about money or our serious lack thereof... David got a call last night from a company about another job a BIG company BIG BIG company... this one would be good as it would open a possibility for him to actually eventually run a office for them- we're talking the big time here.... Problem: IT'S IN DALLAS TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG PROBLEM! I'm a small town gal... Springfield, Missouri Metro area is the biggest place I've ever lived in. Dallas is like big ole country big... I don't know if I could handle that. D doesn't like Texas... He's interested in the job though... Who wouldn't be with that kinda oppertunity? So I guess in the next couple weeks he'll head to Nebraska (home office) to meet n greet the big wigs then go to Texas to tour the plant there.... Which means for the first time since going 24/7 we'll be apart overnight. :( :( :( :( For a couple days/nights. :(:(:( Needless to say I'm running in high panic mode today. BUT, it's not the end of the world, I knew if he was interested in a job offer he'd be taking a trip- standard thing for those types of jobs. And I know if he wants the job I'll stand by him and encourage him, I love him, he is my life and wherever he goes I'll go and be happy.


oh and.....


I'm feeling pretty blah... Nothing anyone has done or not done just feeling blah. Oh and I sooooo gotta learn how to knit!!!!!!! Heather Item #125 and Knitty's new patterns Maybe while Sean is gone on his 10 stay with his father... hmmmm thats just another thing I have to accomplish while he's gone that I can't do while he home and into everything lol.


What I did this weekend

and Scrunchis and an elephant scrunchi holder: Although I think it looks more like a big nosed/ big earred guy lol. They are for David's daughter, hope she likes it.

Monday Mornin' "Quarterback"

OK, On Tony Stewart, he DIDN'T do anything wrong to Kasey Kahne. They were both in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's happened tons of times. Problem is the media has made Tony out to be the big bad bully on the tracks and EVERYONE just assumed automatically that he did it on purpose... Throw that in with that whiny butted crewchief of Kahnes and you get fights in the pits. It's disgusting, not the fights- but the reason for it... everyone jumping to the conclusion that Tony is evil. WHY? The media, he has been FOX's whippingboy all season. For what? Granted, he did do some things I haven't agreed with one was bumping Kasey and spinning him. But the other things he's accused of doing I've seen JR do many times and noone has said a thing about. Therein lies the problem; NASCAR is full of "Whats ok for some may not be ok for you" You can see it in the rules, in the enforcement of punsihments(OR LACK THEREOF) and in their calls during key moments of certain races. ie: Certain drivers being victums inrace rules costing wins while other drivers don't get called on the rule infraction. It's shameful, I believe that NASCAR should say" IF you do this you will be fine/suspended" then stick to it weather it's JR or Tony or Spencer! NASCAR has a habit of being blind when it comes to certain drivers and events. While turning a blind eye to their pets may make them happy eventually they will lose fans because of it and then where will they be? Fans made that sport. OK I'm done ranting, just for the record though, had Mark Martin not lost yet another engine he would have been in contention for the win.



You know sometimes, life just sucks.


When Cats Attack (mini-blind cords that is)

Hambut was in usual form this morning, I work up with him sleeping on my back; when I moved he got mad and started playing with the phone cord and my glasses sitting on the headboard. I finally had to give up and get up and feed him. At 5 am! After he ate he rambled in and saved me from the evil mini-blind cords. I snapped some pictures right before he fell off the back of the chair and into my lap to which he tried to save me from my yarn and the bookmark I was TRYING to crochet. We got a BBQ grill last night, one of those that you put together, so (since it was hot) we put it together inside then took it out when it was done. Sean helped with the assmembly, he is such a big help and so cute. Pictures of a bookmark I made awhile back.



Well not much going on... started new socks since I was stuck on the old ones lol Working on some things for Sis (my Bestest girlfriend). Working on a celebrity poncho too out of my orange garage sale yarn woohoo! Will get around to doing pics today maybe.



Well, it seems like Monday since D has had to go back to work after that wonderfully long weekend. :( finished Tree of Life keychain for Sis: Here's a link for pics of the Battlefield at Pea Ridge, Arkansas. Pea Ridge Battlefield Album Here's what we've seen/heard every night for the past three nights all around us (as in 360 degrees around us almost ALL night)! OH OH OH OH OH!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Blog is one month old today! woohoo!!!



Went to Pea Ridge with a side trip to Eureka Springs afterwards... I'll post pics of the battlefield later when I have more time. We're all beat. Had a blast!!!!


It's raining

OK I'm excited, cuz it's raining... that means David SHOULD be able to come home at least early if not here in a bit. And I so miss him when he's not here. We went on our weekly grocery shopping trip yesterday, went to Wally World since I had some other things to get besides groceries- always a mistake to do the main shopping there cuz we get way more than we intend. Anyway we bought "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" I love that movie it's so funny. Love the music on there too. We're going to go to a living history thing at Pea Ridge Battlefield in you guessed it: Pea Ridge Arkansas on Saturday, I can't wait I haven't been since I was a wee little brat. The Missouri Guard is supposed to be there too, David is hoping to find some re-enacting group to join, so he can re-enact again. take the camera, take the camera, take the camera, take the camera That will be our 4th of July. We'll probably bbq sunday then make sure the ignorant yayhoos don't burn the neighborhood down. Our neighbors are supposed to be moved, when we went to bed they hadn't finished yet... hopefully they'll be gone today.. YIPPEE!!! WOOHOO!!! YEEHAAW! Will be nice not to have to spend a weekend listening to drunks fight and yell at each other!