Didn't sleep well last night. Nervous about today I guess. Trying to remember to take what we need lol. This will be our first real trip together. We've went down to Arkansas to see my family and such but never have we been gone overnight. So glad to go get the boy, we have missed him so much! I did my nails last night. so am having to get used to typing with nails lol. Well, you probably won't hear from me until Saturday as we will get home Friday night. Hope all goes well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kari!
What part of Arkansas is your family from? My Mom's family is from there. Some live in Harrisburg,and the rest in Black Rock and Smitheville. Just curious! Enjoy your trip! :)

Kari said...

I grew up around the Harrison, Arkansas area, in a little place called Erbie. When I was a kid the address said Dogpatch, now it says Marble Falls.