friday- Day before Moving Day

Well today I have to have EVERYTHING packed. Been up for way to long already as boo was up before 5 I'm way too tired. Taking the puter down tonight. Guess this is it until Wenesday. funny I'm so tired I don't really care right now. I have such a headache already- I hate moving. I imagine we'll be way to busy unpacking and stuff to go through internet withdrawl. Seeya Wenesday!


"No No Mommy"

That was what Sean aka "The Monster" told me at 5am this morning when I said "Why don't you go lay back down in your bed?" So he's been up since alittle before 5 after being up from 1:45 till after 2 am.... He is taking a nap today or I'll put him up for auction on EBAY! hehe D's new job called him yesterday needing help on some problems they had. I thought it was cute that they had to call and ask him and it was the guy he's replacing! I am sooo tired. Since we took the waterbed down we've been sleeping on the sofabed and it's NOT comfortable at all. I cannot get comfortable on it. And sean not sleeping isn't helping. Oh well enough whining. I have tons yet to do. I'm not going to survive this move.



Going into the home stretch now. Cable will be turned on Wenesday. Which is surprising since they won't be able to turn the phone on until the 21st. How is it everyone who has to actually come out to the place can dop it soon while the people who just have to flip a freakin switch can't do it for a month? Oh well... at least we'll have internet and cable tv!!!! I'm getting excited, gonna pack the kitchen today and last night we took down and packed all the pics so it really looks like we're moving now. I always get this frantic panicky thing gonig on closer to move time I get... Hope I can control it this time. Right now I just want to get everything packed and get going but I know we can't go until weekend. David has today, tomorrow, and Friday yet to work. BUT we get the truck Saturday morning and we're gonna load up and stay at a motel Sat night then head out first thing in the mornin Sunday. Well, back to work.



Sweetheart, I am soooo sorry if I have been short with you. I'm just stressed out I don't mean it and am not mad at you. I love you with all my heart. You are my everything and the last thing I want is for you to think I am unhappy with you cuz I'm not!


Got the truck reserved... duh can't move without truck, still no cable though. :( $540 for truck $1600 to move in $350(est) in depts for utlities(electric and gas) Hell maybe good the cable company hasn't been called- this thing is going to break us yet! lol oh I forgot $25.00 for boxes at UHaul for dishes and pictures. rofl I will be calm I will be calm I will be calm I will ba calm I will make it I will make it I will make it I will make it


Well electric is set to be on before we get there, gas will be on monday, phone will be on the 21st (good grief!) all thats left is cable and finding my sanity.



IF I put a lid on the box and some tape.... nahhh would be to heavy hehe He's really trying to help pack.

EEEEeeeekkkk!!! Monday AGAIN?

ALREADY? Seems like only last week it was Monday! Sorry, bad attempt at humor. I'm so busy I don't know how much blogging time I'll have this week. We're in the final "crunch time". We took the waterbed down yesterday; will be sleeping on the sleeper sofa for the week. And will be moving this coming weekend. D's daughter and granddaughter came over yesterday - THAT was very hard. I said I wasn't gonna cry but bawled like a baby. We're sure gonna miss them.



Looks like we have a place!!! woohoo! Now for the fun stuff of getting everything turned on and set up. And the packing crunch comes this week starting today. Good thing Sean and I have been packing like crazy all week.


100th Post

WOOHOO my 100th post! Guess that means I talk alot. Here lately I've felt like I've been talking to myself. I guess every blogger feels like that at times. Pet Peeve: I hate ABSOLUTLY hate when I'm looking on ebay and see "HUGE YARN LOT MUST SEE" and click the link and there is two maybe three balls of yarn... It's sooooo annoying! Nothing to say today, I feel bad either allergies or a cold. Anxiety on top of that, still househunting and packing, was up at 4 this mornin ugh... I couldn't sleep last night. and I'm tired.

Questions (and my answers) form my Secret Pal

Secret Pal: Your in a book store-what crochet book would you choose? Starting a new project. What color and brand of yarn would you choose? What is your fav candle or incense scent? Yours, Secret Pal ANSWERS: Your in a book store-what crochet book would you choose? Donna Koohlers Encyclopedia of Crochet OR Crochet Stitch Bible OR a book about doing Irish Crochet. Starting a new project. What color and brand of yarn would you choose? From Lion Brand Yarns Jiffy Thick & Quick color? Ozarks 210 What is your fav candle or incense scent? In candles it doesn't matter cuz I love candles lol Incense it's Light Sandlewood- Wal Mart USED to have a brand that had Light Sandlewood but they stopped carrying it.


Hambut the cat

I was cleaning Hambut's litterbox and looked up. I just HAD to run a grab the camera fortunatly he stayed there long enough for me to grab a couple pics. He was steadily watching my work to make sure I did it right.


Ugh..... Hopefully that app will be here today so we can apply for the place. Takes soo long for anything anymore. Sean's biological father is being a butt about the move. I mean I don't blame him for not being happy about it but comeon and get real- he hardly ever sees him anyway unless we drive the 2.5 hours to take him there. OK anyway Sean is awake and needs a diaper change, any volunteers? Anyone? Please? No? ok well I'll do it then.



Getting some packing done. Finally had to force the boy to go to his room for a nap he was walking around like a cranky zombie. Little good it does though since he has figured out the art of turning doorknobs! Here's last night after no nap: Schroeder
You are Schroeder!

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Oh God it Wenesday!

I don't think this week will ever end... Sean was up at 5 this mornin... the ONE mornin I had decided I wasn't getting up early. He's been a holy terror. Maybe I'm just tired. Have an application comin from a rental place hopefully it'll be good- better be cuz we'll have to pay a $50 dollar app fee! Otherwise I'm still looking, don't think I'll make the wenesday deadline unless I just settle for anything and I don't feel we're that desperate yet. The olympics was ok last night at least Phelps got his gold... their boxing scoring SUCKS though even the announcers were complaining.


Bag- Along

Here's the finished bag for it.


House hunt continues, yesterdays hunt came up dry- nope not just dry it was the desert of dryness. Everything I called on was gone already.... Well on to today, I better find something today D said I had till wenesday to find something. :( I just can't let him down. I got so p*ssed at the olympics last night. They continue to jerk the americans around, but if anyone says anything - we look like sore losers- what do you do? I shouldn't watch... Woke up to thunder wonder if it's gonna become something or is it a tease? Not much else to say... I finished a bag for the bag along I haven't put the button up for but will post pics soon. Almost finiahed hubby's scarf and about 3/4 finished with my poncho. Think I'm crocheting to much as the past week my hands have been hurting. Other than that the househunt and packing have my life and possibly my sanity. :P


Monday Monday

"da da dadadada So good to me"... "Every other day, every other day, Every other day of the week is fine, yeah But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes You can find me cryin' all of the time" ok ok I'll quit! Sorry for The Mommas and the Papas. No word on the house hunt. Not much word on anything 'cept gettin' my football going on with preseason but will be glad for real season though. Mark Martin came in THIRD in the race at Watkins Glenn Sunday WOOHOO!!!!!!!! Way to kick some butt! Tony won and it rocked cuz he was really sick but toughed it out talk about guts! WTF is up with the Olympics???? I get sooooooooooooooo mad to see the crap that goes on, Watch it, especially gymnastics they totally marked scores lower for the Americans even when the mistakes were less! AND that Japanese male swimmer that keeps winning is cheating! He's kicking off the wall why isn't anyone doing anything about it? ok ok 'nough... I know I get like this every olympics I should be used to how things go. Especially with the events that are judged like gymnastics and figure skating :P Back to househunting.



Some people are just idiots! The place I called on was owned by a moron who couldn't understand the concept of us wanting to rent the place from Missouri.... sheesh! OK well needless to say we won't be renting from him. He would get my "Idiot of the day" award if I had one. So back on the hunt.



It's FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! I want to go back to bed... no... I don't want to just go back to bed I want David to come home and go back to bed with me. I'm achy and tired and miss him horribly already, want to just snuggle down in to the warm waterbed with him and sleep! My cat is funny... in a strange way sometimes. He is always following me around and if I am sitting he raises up and touches my face with his paw. My BFF Rachel says that maybe he's making sure I'm ok. Who knows... MAY have a place in Denton Texas... MAYBE... Have to call today to see... It's a cute place so I hope so. *fingers crossed*



Ummm yeah... riiiight.... Mornin'... Notice there is no good there LOL! Got soooooooooo much to do. And the day is not starting out well. I'm really tired.

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Congrats Mr. Holtz... it's a job!

Well he's gotten the job, so now comes the fun part of having 2 weeks to get a place and move! eekkkkkkkkkkkkk! lol

Job Update

By the way it looks and sounds he has the job, they agreed on a employment package that we both can live with. All that is left is the results of the "personality profile"(WTF kind of touchy-feely crap is THAT?- Oh well better than a handwriting analyis like one company had him do once) and he has lots of personality!! lol The GM is supposed to either call here or call D at work when he hears word. So looks like we're moving to Dallas Texas. BUT (and it's a big butt) we have to be there by Sept 1st so that doesn't give me much time to find a place and pack this place up.... Oh Lordy! Can we say NERVOUS BREAKDOWN? lol I'll survive - I've moved before and survived! Oh the crocheting front (duh... this IS my crocheting blog guess I should talk about it) I am almost finished with a special surprise for my Crochetville Secret Pal. Still have tons of other projects gong though. Some day I need to learn to finish all my ongoing projects before starting new ones... yeah right someday I'll sprout wings and fly too! :P



OK Well the duplex has sold evidently... I get a knock on the door and see tons of vehicles outside open door to find a caudwell banker agent in my face wanting to let the building and home inspecters in because the house has sold telling me that the landlord had been trying to get ahold of us since friday with no answer! BULL SHIT! We got home Friday night plus we have VOICEMAIL and have gotten no messages form them, I CALLED and talked to them YESTERDAY and they said NOTHING about anyone coming over! PLUS!!! He was over at the empty unit yesterday evening and moved out something so he could have stepped over and told me!!!! Anyway... as per the anxiety that comes from shit like that I ended up calling David and he had to come home and hold my hand while they were going through our house. He is so wonderful.

Job update

Well the offer came in- you don't see us jumping up and running to Dallas... NOT what we wanted at all. Not totally refusable either, we'll just have to see if they work with him on what he wants/needs. Now last's night football game (final score Washington 20, Denver 17) rocked! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! FOOOOOOOTBAAAAAAAAALL Ahhhhhh Finally! Like a drug addict finally getting their fix! Looks like a good year for the Redskins possibly Good To have Joe Gibbs back (The ONLY reason I pay attn to the Redskins lol). Now a bit o' da bitchin' Our wonderful kind sweet considerate neighbors threw a party last night... yes that was sarcasm! You know playing football in your back yard is fine, drinking in your back yard is fine, driving motorcycles in your back yard when you go through our yard to get to yours ISN'T! Nor is letting your dogs and your guests run throug our yard Nor is blasting music! They also need to realize that SOME people go to bed at decent hours during the week because they work! And I mean decent being 11 pm!!! Yes, we went to bed at 9 and at 11 they were still going strong. I had the game on louder than usual for watching in bed because our room is right there by their yard.... People so lack common decency anymore- no respect for fellow men! I understand that people need to be able to have fun at their house, but can't people just THINK for a minute that MAYBE their fun is a bit too loud for someone else? OK I'm done... I think... I just needed to rant a bit.



Just some stuff

Found this for those needing help with blogging. Blog Beginners It's quite helpful. Like HERE tells you how to add links on the sidebar for blogger. Worth a big shout out for those who need help although they don't have much up right now they have some which is a start.

Oh God it's Monday again!

Well thats ok, tonight D is supposed to get his offer for that job, I soooo hope they offer enough! I'd much rather live in Dallas than Chicago! Said I was going to post more about the trip but I haven't. Haven't posted any pics either, just been tired. Been looking at places to rent down there and in my opinion it'd be cheaper to buy lol. But then you fall into that trap of buying right off and maybe later realizing youd rather be in another neighborhood. Plus we're not entirely sure we want to buy there.


We're back

We got back before 8 last night. Rough trip. But productive. He likes the plant and likes the people he'll be working with. Is only waiting to see if the moneyt is gonna be worth it. He came back to a call and email from another headhunter wanting to find him a job lol. More tales from the trip and pics later... I'm beat totally.... past couple weeks have completely drained me. OH.... I LOVED the Dallas area! Never thought I'd be excited about movin' to TEXAS!


Annnnnnnnnnnnd They're Off

OK We are off like a Terd of Hurttle... But first I have to tell this: Last night I awoke to Sean crying, started out just his normal "I woke upp " cry but as I was getting out of bed(Dang waterbed lol) it started getting worse louder and had a paniced pitch to it. I got concerned and hurried into his room only to NOT see him at all!!!!I could hear him but he was nowhere to be seen. He has one of those toddler beds and somehow at some pioint he'd gotten under it and couldn't get out on his own. Half Asleep scared out of his mind and stuck! So here I am half asleep, half scared (cuz I don't know if he's ok) trying to get him out from under his bed I grab a flailing leg and pull onl;y he doesn't come out cuz he's fighting to get further under the bed (hey he's half asleep and I don't thinnk he knew where he was) so by then I am almost beside myself tryiogn to get him out calm him down when it dawns on me that it's his toddler bed duh I can lift it up with one hand it's so light. SO that's what I did- got him out held him til he calmed down let him get in our bed for awhile then put him back in his bed when he'd calmed down good. Needless to say... not much sleep last night. Well laters.


Just had to say...

... I love you David. You are still my everything, and STILL make my heart go all a-flutter when I hear your voice on the phone or think about you or see you drive up!

ok wellll

It works as long as you have the browser window maximized... which since Sean is starting to get that "Mom never pays attn to me" look I better get off here for now until naptime. lol

I think!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I trhink I may have actually gotten this to work with I.E. AND Mozilla's Firefox browsers! I haven't checked Netscape yet as it doesn't like my puter for some reason.... But this is hopeful!!!! Thanks to Knotty Mouse for the tidbit on template tweaking.

Just goofin'

Made this: For This. Just because....

Hump Day

Changed alittle on the layout hope that helps a bit. Want to thank everyone for being soooo dang nice. You ALL rock especially the LoML(love of my life) David! Right now Sean is waking up so I gotta run. Will TRY to get back on before we leave for Dallas Thursday Mornin' but if not We will be back home on Friday night late probably.



OK, I'm sorry for being so down and negitive all the time. I don't want anyone upset with me. So from now on I'll be nice and happy everywhere. I'm sorry to you David as well. You won't have to worry about me not being happy and worrying. I'll be happy from now on.


I finished Sutty's Shell Shawl! I went with no fringe because this chenille worked up so elegantly I thought the fringe would take something from it, so the edging is just three rows of sc. Click the pics for a fullsize view. I'm pleased with how it turned out, just wish the pics showed it better.

Layout Woes

I have yet to figure out why this layout doesn't work with Mozilla's Firefox Browser.... Right now though my anxiety is sooo bad I'm getting off the puter and going to crochet until Sean wakes up wanting breakfast. It's been bad lately but yesterday and today have reached waay bad levels. I keep telling myself "Just make it through today, if you make it through today you're doing good". I know to many this will seem stupid. But this is me, and my anxiety is like this sometimes, I realize that I should just shake it off and not let things bother me and I try I swear I do try. I am doing damn good if you consider I am up out of bed and trying to function when every fiber of my being is saying go back to bed and hide! Times like this I really really hate living this way.

ANOTHER twist!

OK, well now (as if his company knows he's looking)- They up and change insurance companies. To Blue Cross Blue Shield! He'll save almost $135 on perminums alone... it's waaaaaaay better than what he had plus what the other company in Dallas offers! He's still worried about his vacation too... He's going to get 20 days of vacation next year. If he leaves he's starting all over on time off.... You know I don't care! I just want him to be happy again.


still monday...

OK this was Sean this Sunday morning... Still in his PJ's making biscuits with Mom. It sure is nice having him back. Notice his haircut? He got that while at his father's. I have pics from the trip but not time to put them up so I will just post the link to the album HERE.


Almost finished with Sutty's Shell Shawl (Say THAT 3 times fast!) Just working on the edging now. Then I'll get the Stocking started for Stocking Together. Have Bookmarks to make, for CWU. Have my Autum Secret Pal to do for. I'm STILL fighting my socks and I WILL WIN!!!!! I just have to not get so frustrated lol! Plus all my other projects I already have going on. Oh and the little matter of PACKING! I know he will either take the Dallas job or the Chicago job, so either way we're moving. Hell even if he by some chance decides to risk insanity and stay with his current job we're sitting with a for sale sign out in front and experience tells... don't rent a place that someone is trying to sell... never ends good. All of this would be solved by just matching all the powerball numbers... just once!!!!!!!!!!! hehe

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When we came home there was a message from another company that had been talking to d about a job. The guy called yesterday morning again. He wants David to give them a chance to show him they are the company for him.... It's kinda nice having companies fight over my hubby lol. So he'll probably be making a trip to Illinois after we get back form Dallas. This co is right outside of Chicago. Not on one of my "want to live at" places but then neither is Dallas. Sooooo I guess we'll have to wait and see....