House hunt continues, yesterdays hunt came up dry- nope not just dry it was the desert of dryness. Everything I called on was gone already.... Well on to today, I better find something today D said I had till wenesday to find something. :( I just can't let him down. I got so p*ssed at the olympics last night. They continue to jerk the americans around, but if anyone says anything - we look like sore losers- what do you do? I shouldn't watch... Woke up to thunder wonder if it's gonna become something or is it a tease? Not much else to say... I finished a bag for the bag along I haven't put the button up for but will post pics soon. Almost finiahed hubby's scarf and about 3/4 finished with my poncho. Think I'm crocheting to much as the past week my hands have been hurting. Other than that the househunt and packing have my life and possibly my sanity. :P

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