Going into the home stretch now. Cable will be turned on Wenesday. Which is surprising since they won't be able to turn the phone on until the 21st. How is it everyone who has to actually come out to the place can dop it soon while the people who just have to flip a freakin switch can't do it for a month? Oh well... at least we'll have internet and cable tv!!!! I'm getting excited, gonna pack the kitchen today and last night we took down and packed all the pics so it really looks like we're moving now. I always get this frantic panicky thing gonig on closer to move time I get... Hope I can control it this time. Right now I just want to get everything packed and get going but I know we can't go until weekend. David has today, tomorrow, and Friday yet to work. BUT we get the truck Saturday morning and we're gonna load up and stay at a motel Sat night then head out first thing in the mornin Sunday. Well, back to work.

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