Annnnnnnnnnnnd They're Off

OK We are off like a Terd of Hurttle... But first I have to tell this: Last night I awoke to Sean crying, started out just his normal "I woke upp " cry but as I was getting out of bed(Dang waterbed lol) it started getting worse louder and had a paniced pitch to it. I got concerned and hurried into his room only to NOT see him at all!!!!I could hear him but he was nowhere to be seen. He has one of those toddler beds and somehow at some pioint he'd gotten under it and couldn't get out on his own. Half Asleep scared out of his mind and stuck! So here I am half asleep, half scared (cuz I don't know if he's ok) trying to get him out from under his bed I grab a flailing leg and pull onl;y he doesn't come out cuz he's fighting to get further under the bed (hey he's half asleep and I don't thinnk he knew where he was) so by then I am almost beside myself tryiogn to get him out calm him down when it dawns on me that it's his toddler bed duh I can lift it up with one hand it's so light. SO that's what I did- got him out held him til he calmed down let him get in our bed for awhile then put him back in his bed when he'd calmed down good. Needless to say... not much sleep last night. Well laters.

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