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Queen Medb
Queen Medb was an Irish queen, and what a queen! She ruled HER WAY or the HIGHWAY. When arguing with her husband over who had the greater fortune, she got so mad that she called a war on a neighboring kingdom to capture a bull so that she'd be wealthier than her husband. She was impulsive, temperamental, and passionate, just like you. But try and be a little calmer. Read more about this fascinating woman: http://www.angelfire.com/de/arkhamhaus/medb.html Ummm David you don't have to take this one I'll understand :P

Why am I bothering with Blogger? Wednesday

OK well the boy didn't get up and I thought oh boy I can sleep in but as Daddy was leaving the boy comes tearassin through the house to the back to tell Daddy goodbye. *smacks forehead* At least it was 4 or 4:30 it was 5 lol Been working on something crochetwise I'm not ready to "go public" with just yet but just so you know I am crocheting when I get a chance. Well today I will either switch to word press, moveable type, or redo my enitre template to fix what got messed up with my having to revert to the old backup. I just haven't decided yet. If I swithc to one of the other I will host it on our website so I will notify ya here.



If your button/link/webring is missing it's because I had to resort to an old backup and it's one where everything is all screwy. I will work on it tomorrow. Anyone know anything about moveable type?


I guess I better watch what I say. Blogger ate my template or so it seems. I went in to see it and it's not there.... dun dun dun dun DUUUUUUUUN I will try to get it back


I'm getting pissed. I realize blogger is free and you get what you pay for but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang people. I DIDN'T pay for a freakin' headache! So why are you giving me one????????????????????????


WICKED STITCH: HOW TO INCREASE YOUR STASH What a wonderful way of handling rudeness.

The Chainik Hocker: A Dingo Ate My Journalistic Integrity!

The Chainik Hocker: A Dingo Ate My Journalistic Integrity! Interesting read there.... It's about Mike "Hey I'm so Stupid I wouldn't be allowed into America" Carlton's latest diatribe against our current administration.

TU- TU -TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

One day in the future, I will remind the boy how he used to get mommy up at 4:30 am. I thought I would try to sleep in today... wrong wrong wrong. Oh well already got a load of laundry in the dryer. And as it would be thats the only load of laundry that needs to be washed! I'm trying not to let the tiredness catch up to me. I got my Crochetville Spring Secret Pal I'm so excited! Also I'm a Mod here: Tight Knit Friends (dont let the name fool ya it's not just knitting it's crochet too. You should come check it out. My favorite coffee in the world is Churchill Coffee's Sinless Pastry. Thank Goodness they let me order it off their website cuz we can't find it down here. *yawns*


UPDATED: Pastor Ricky update

Pastor Rick will undergo back surgery tomorrow. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. UPDATED Just got off the phone with Pastor Rick. He's sore but made it through surgery ok. He thanks everyone for their prayers. Nick will probably post an update on Ricks blog tonight too.

Sperm Donor Latest

Remember the boy's bad day where his father had called and then hung up on him? He called again this weekend (the sperm donor that is), wanting to talk to "his son" since he didn't get to on his birthday. I am like : "Hang on you talked to him on your birthday!" He: "I did? Oh I forgot I guess" Me: "Yeah and you hung up on him." He: "No my phone card ran out on me." OK thats a resonably good excuse except for one big thing.... when they call through these pre-paid phone cards (when anyone does) it shows up on caller id as unavailable with a different number (not their home number) or no number at all.... The call I got on his birthday had his name and home phone number on it. Back up on the lying part a minute and lets address the fact he forgot he talked to his son... HUH?????? How do you forget something like that? I'm at a loss..... anyway he talked to him for a bit (Sean didn't want to talk very long) then I ended up with the phone and he's wanting to know when we're gonna be up there.... uhhhh why should we go out of our way AGAIN (and it's waaaaaaaaay out like three states way out of our way) to bring your son to you since you have never done anything to even TRY to see him other than having us bring him to you? I said I didn't know when David got his vacation cuz he's been pretty sick He's like "oh ok bye". GEESH.....


The cutest candles hubby got me from Kroger, we got some for my reveal package for my winter secret pal. (no big surprise since I blew my id a while back but hey she still gets a reveal package). Anyway those candles are THE cutest things!!!!!!

Vikings: Moss might be traded

Yahoo! Sports - NFL - Vikings: Moss might be traded Vikings: Moss might be traded by Fanball Staff - Fanball.com Monday, January 24, 2005 News A team source told ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen that there is a 60-40 chance that wide receiver Randy Moss will be traded during the offseason. Last week, a close friend of Moss stated publicly that the wideout expressed interest in being traded. The rumored suitors for Moss include the Ravens, Jets, Redskins, and Cardinals. Views The Vikings are said to be asking for a king's ransom for Moss. In other words, they are hoping to be on the other end of the Herschel Walker trade that helped the Cowboys build a mini-dynasty. Whether there is a team willing to pay such a price to acquire Moss remains to be seen. OMG YES YES YES!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Go to ANYONE on that list but the Redskins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Law to KC????

Should KC sign Ty Law? I'm not sure... Law offers the Chiefs T.O. effect The article is basically saying the Law going to KC would be like TO going to Philly... not sure that is a good thing to be compared to as TO is a punk. I understand the principal behind it though but not sure that Ty Law is what the Chiefs need... they need SOMETHING though.

Yahoo! Sports - NFL - `The Bus' might have made last stop

Yahoo! Sports - NFL - `The Bus' might have made last stop

Mad Monday

Starting off with the reason I am mad The Falcons and The Steelers totaly choked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF game were ya'll at cuz you weren't at the game you SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLAYING TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I won't watch the superbowl cuz both teams playing I hate so where's the fun in that? Don't get me wrong I am the person wwho watches football for football not even caring what team is playing but when it comes to the Super Bowl there is so much BS that goes along with it it isn't about football and I can't/don't watch it if there isn't a team I want to win. Hang on need more coffee- OK back and done ranting. David went back to work.... *pouts* We really need to win the lottery, just enough money so David doesn't have to go to work every day at 4:30 AM! Didn't get much crocheting doen this weekend, got nothing done like I planned. Had so much going on. Did get the yarn for K's hat thoguh so I can make it and send her stuff off finally. Sutty, has left for Oregon. We wish her welll and will miss her presence online. Pastor Rick has surgery today we pray for him to make it through ok and start feeling better soon. David will get the results to his bloodtests soon and hopefully we can get him set up with another DR. One that "has time" for him and actually wants to help him feel better and find out whats wrong. Alekx and Burfica have been going through it with their mother and although she is doing better we still send prayes and well wishes their way. Tiff lost her Great Grandfather, our prayers are with you and your family - we are so sorry for your loss. Our prayers are also with Smoke and his younger bro, hopefully things will work out for them. My dear Sis, I haven't seen you around in a couple days and hope all is well with you hun. *sighs* Well Kitten said it... When it rains it freakin pours here in blogdom! Welll.... now that is taken care of.... guess I will go cruising blogs and continue to try to wake up. Have a good day everyone.


Dr Phil's Test

Hubby found this at Humble Devildog's blog. Go take it and let us know what you scored. David got 32 and I got 33. lol


Posted pictures of David's Grandkids on his blog, go see how adorable they are. Shadydowns Soapbox

Rest in peace Johnny Carson

Late-Night King Johnny Carson Dies at 79
LOS ANGELES - Johnny Carson (news), the "Tonight Show" host who served America a smooth nightcap of celebrity banter, droll comedy and heartland charm for 30 years, died Sunday. He was 79. NBC said Carson died of emphysema at his Malibu home.


When it rains it pours....

Please pray for Pastor Ricky, he's in the hospital, with complications from an injury. Feel Better soon.

Rice Box

It was really really good. Used chopsticks for the first time. Which was funny but I managed to eat most with them! They pack your plate with soooo much food it's impossible to eat it all! The Boy's and my fortune cookies were right on though: The Boy's was: "Life to you is a dashing and bold adventure." and mine: "You have at your command the wisdom of the ages." There have never been two more accurate fortunes lol

So crazy Saturday

Man how hetic can a day be? We had to get up run to the dr to get David's bloodwork... that ended up being a hurry up and wait forever thing. Then we went to goodwill and another thrift store, might as well not have cuz I crapped out on yarn. goodwill had a bag of three old half used skiens but nothing I couldn't live without so I left them for someone who needed them more. We then went to a funiture store and found all kinds of things we'd love to have (a bed to D-I-E DIE for, I'm serious it was big and manly and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but alas you need room for those things... but we did find a table and chairs I think we're close to getting (hope hope hope)! We also went to a local sporting goods store that was going out of business, picked up a knife for David's son to replace the one we bought him two Christmases ago that broke on him. We stood at the steps of the courthouse and listened to some musicians playing. Sean really loves banjos and fiddles. Did I tell that David got himself a banjo finally? Now we'll both have one. (We both already have guitars). Can't wait till the boy is old enough to pick what he wants to play. Then we went to wally world, I didn't even go to the yarn (omg I must be sick) but I did get a new pair of jeans and we both got shoes. Came home I fixed tuna sandwhiches and we ate and were supposed to be taking a nap but the boy won't go to sleep. So I'm up and he's playing in his room. He's (the boy) going through a "phase" of being a pain when we got somewhere. Usually he's a dool everywhere but he's gotten to where only certain places he likes to go. Oh speaking of that we went to the ups store and mailed off my hatswap hat. The guy working today gave the boy ANOTHER 88 car (that makes two the same guy has given him) EVERY time we go there they give him something! Last time it was a big calculator! They all just think he is Da Bomb! Happy Birthday Beth and for SP whose is tomorrow (I think) as well. You two can give each other birthday hugs for us! And Sutty, I am so glad you are leaving that situation. I know it will be hard but believe me you are strong enough to make it. You'll be on our thoughts and prayers. You have both our address and number, keep in touch. We're gonna go out to eat tonight I think. To the Rice Box. We haven't been there yet and we've been wanting to try it. Tomorrow is stay home day. David is gonna smoke a pork tenderloin and some pork steaks. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


CT Scan Results

No big C in his spleen. Couple other things but they weren't concerned and the dr didn't request to see him Must be too busy- QUACK. Although this is good news, (no cancer) it leads to the question of What's wrong then? Wouldn't you think the dr would want to know? Geesh.... He goes for more bloodwork hopefully I can get him to make an appt with another dr.

General Two Card Spread: 0 The Fool - Be wary you don't lose yourself in the materializm of the world. Look for unplanned changes. Are you walking the path that is right for you? Queen of Cups- Are you or your emotions ruling your life? Make sure you are aware of where your energy is coming from. Perhaps, a feminine influence in your life needs to be heard more clearly. If she is telling you something listen don't just brush it off.

Welcome back Home

Shout out to Buffbabe220 for making it back to the states from Iraq safely. Airport security may have treated ya'll like shit but you're all heros to us. Bless you all for your service to our country. Welcome back to the USA!

Friday's in a Frenzy

Hehe catchy title huh? When I think of yarn I think in terms of color, how soft, how pretty, what I will make and for whom. When David thinks if yarn he sees plastic tubs of yarn floating around his head like cartoons stars after being hit. Does that mean I have too much yarn? To an outsider, possibly. To a yarny? You can not ever have "too much yarn"... that phrase doesn't exisit in our vocabulary. You never know when you will need this type/color for a project. I'm addicted. To yarn. I've cast my lot in life and ended up being a yarny. In other news (uhhh that wasn't news- oh yeah). David has to go back for another blood test (omg you freaking ghouls you took 4 vials the other day). This for gout in his foot (uhh gout doesn't get anywhere else does it? So it would be in the foot then right Kari? Don't state the obvious... omg I'm typing to myself!!!!!) No word on the ct scan. Since he talked to his kids last night I can say they are trying to rule out the big C word. Although is highly unlikey that it would be that, anyone who has ever been near when a dr mentions that C word knows the stab of fear that is felt (except David :P ). It's the word that everyone fears. We've all known someone who's life has been forever altered because of that one word. Possibly our own life. And we all know (if not ourselves) someone who has had that scare. I had that scare when I had my thyroid removed... had to wait a month to find out... omg that was horrible... a person with an anxiety disorder having to wait a month to find out if they had cancer... Hopefully it won't take that long for David to find out. I digress... David's dr is a quack.... I mean lock, stock and barrell slap some web feet on the man cuz he is a freakin' quack! Rude hateful and well... rude and hateful covers it.... He "didn't have time" (his words) to deal with anything else. Tells him he has degenrative arthritis gonna screen him for cancer and he don't have time for any other problems or to ever talk to him about the arthritis.... "Here you have this, take a pill" QUACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, we wait. Once we get results we switch David's quac...errr dr. You're prayers, thoughts and well wishes are greatly appreciated. You all ROCK!

More Quizzy Goodness

Your 80s Theme Song:
Your 80s Theme Song is Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners
You Have A Type A- Personality
You are one of the most balanced people around Motivated and focused, you are good at getting what you want You rule at success, but success doesn't rule you. When it's playtime, you really know how to kick back Whether it's hanging out with friends or doing something you love! You live life to the fullest - encorporating the best of both worlds


Thank you to the Fairy Godmother who gifted me today with two crystals, a tube of Burt's Bees Lip Balm (yeah it's that addictive), and a cute card. Thank you so much. On the home front no news. Thanks to everyone for well wishes and prayers they are appreciated.


Net is being screwy tonight

Can't get to crochetville or even ezboard for that matter... sucks too. been gone all day mostly. Won't blog about David's Drs appointment until he's had a chance to talk to his kids. He has to go for more tests tomorrow. Don't really know anything right now. Prayers would be appreciated. Helplessness is a horrible feeling.

Wake up Wednesday

The boy has been up since 4 am.... Wouldn't be so bad except David emailed me from work yesterday to make him a Dr appt. (you know he's hurting if he gives in and wants to go to Dr) so we were actually not gong to have to get up at 4. He (the boy) stayed in his bed till after 5 so I got up with him. Hopefully David got some extra sleep but I doubt it. I had bad dreams all night and am having one of those mornings that feels like the world is gonna cave in around me. Not making for a good day. I finished my hatswap hat last night. Also almost done with Super Secret Project. As soon as I get more yarn I will finish K's hat and send everything of hers off to Rae. Also have P's Atlanta Falcon's hat to make (looks like I better get it done as they have a good chance of going to the Super bowl). That leaves: Stuff that I can't post/talk about cuz it's gifts for Christmas and birthdays and the recipients (sp?) read this blog. Don't worry, I have a thread CaL and others things I will post about the I make in between gifts so you'll still have things to look at! On another front: Feb 20th is Daytona 500.... The start of NASCARs season. Mark Martin's final season as a Nextell Cup driver. :( I sure hope he has his best season ever. Means I have to do alot of looking and watching and studying to find me another driver. I've followed his career before he was in big time racing. Gonna be hard to pick a new driver to follow. Probably either Carl Edwards or Jamie McMurray cuz they are local boys (Missouri)but I don't know yet. Oh well I guess, onward the day!

No Nap + Full Belly = Sleeping Boy with Ketchup on his face


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yarny goodness!

Fairy godmother Goodness again! WOOHOO Thanks to Sutty for gifting me with some yummy yummy yarn and a beautiful wind chime! Thanks so much Sutty. You're such a sweetheart!

T- T- Tuesday

*yawns* Oh man I am one big pain. (David would probably agree although not the kind of pain I'm talking about but one in the butt lmao) We put a muscle rub type stuff on it last night and I had a reaction to it... so now along with the muscle pain (which went away for awhile but is back) I have to deal with a "sunburn" type pain. grrrr boy this week gets better all the time. lmao Yeah... I'm a big ole baby ya'll. Certain pain I can handle, actually can enjoy, but pain from injury or such I am a big ole wuss. ONTO other things...... ummmm *thinks* oh yeah CROCHET! That's why I started this blog. I'm working on... this super top secret project ya know, and I am trying a new thing out to see if it'll work ok for what I am doing. So far it's turning out cool and I think will work great and the person who will recieve it in the end (ooo that sounded like a baaaad porn movie) will like it. When it's all said and done and over I'll be able to expose myself it. Every time I tried to crochet yesterday when not sitting in front of the computer I either had the boy or the cat jumping in my lap. Hopefully I can get some done today as I need to get the finishing touches on my Hatswap hat. Speaking of swaps... (STILL talking crochet don't get excited) I want so much to join the Shawl/poncho swap at Crochetville... I'm just worried I wouldn't get it made in time...... ok well I hope I can do my Chico Metrics workout today, we'll see if my back lets up any.


ROFL!!! Bullriding? hehe

You Should Try Bull Riding
Congrats, you've got the moxie to tame a 2000 lb bull At least, here's hoping so!


Yahoo! News - Minnesota Town Hits 54 Below Zero "Thermometers registered a low of 54 degrees below zero at Embarrass, Minn." 54 BELOW ZERO????? OMG

Man that hurts Monday!

This mornin started innocent enough. Except I was cold and stiff. The boy got up before 5 cuz Daddy was going to work. Well the ok day ended up going way wrong early cuz I managed to hurt my upper back. Why oh why can't do these boneheaded things when David is home? I think it's not as bad as it was cuz I'm sitting here typing without crying. I'm leaning up against the heating pad though. I should know beter then to go off moeving things when I am stiff. Hope the boy is good today, if not he may find himself in his room with the gate across his door. lol Blows this day all to hell though. Edited to add that I have lost 7 pounds total so far

Quizzy Goodness

I am nerdier than 97% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out! and I am 70% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!


Sleepy Sunday

I'll make no bones about it, I'm sleepy. Tired off my butt. Feel like I have not slept at all this weekend. Also feeling very pmsy, tired cranky short tempered etc The boy for the past two days instead of sleeping late on weekends like he usually does has gotten up at 5 both days. So I have had no cuddle time this weekend at all. :( No Cuddle Makes Mommy Grumpy I have that feeling you get right before you are gonna get a cold. I know... I 'm sitting here bitching with my fingers.... Sorry! Onto something else: I was ROAK'd by a Fairy Godmother yesterday. Part of it I was expecting as she was getting something I had been wanting but was having a hard time finding that she could get easily. But the rest was a surprise and I love love loved it all! So Thanks Natalie! You're a doll... although I'm already addicted to Burt's Bees products! I loved the lotions and the lip balm and the facial scrub (it was awesome) I totally loved the badger balm sample you send too! So thank you so much Natalie! Onto crochet I hope to finish my Hatswap hat today. then have to get P's hat worked up as it looks like Atlanta has a good dran chance to go to the Superbowl. It was a shame they beat St Louis but The Rams didn't do much in their defence. How bout the Steelers/Jets game? Good game. Glad the Steelers won even if I hate their coach. Well better get to moving, I guess. grrrr want to go back to bed though.



OK Unkymoods is back! If you use them you have to go log in and grab your code cuz it has changed. IF you cannot see the choose a mood link on your page delete your cookies then go back there and you should see it. GO NOW! HURRY!!!!!

The Spot

The Grassy Knoll

Texas Schoolbook Depositatory

Should still be sleepin Saturday

Yeah, me and the boy have been up for a bit. He woke up I got up to let Daddy sleep since he doesn't get to do that much. Course since this house is old and one of those open houses where you have to walk through all the rooms to get to anywhere you need to go he doesn't get much sleep. But we try, which means I speed all my time whispering "Sean, hush" "Sean don't stomp" "Sean don't run through the house daddy's trying to sleep" "Sean don't yell" He tries his hardest to wake Daddy up, he's not doing it to be mean he justs loves Daddy and wants him up. Ummm am halfway done with the hatswap hat.... I guess.... It didn't turn out like it did in my mind lol But it's not bad just not what I originally set out to make. Ever do that? Start crocheting with the intent to make something a certain way and it go completely different but not in a bad way? Sometimes I like to just pick up hook and yarn and crochet without a plan or pattern and just see what comes off the hook. I don't know if any of you are aware of this but the FDA had an advisory panel meeting yesterday to see if Mevacor (one of those lowering cholesterol drugs like Lipitor ) should be sold OTC( over the counter). I fail to see where ANYONE would think that could be a good idea? Those types of drugs can cause some serious problems if not taken properly (or if the wrong person takes it). That's why you have to go to a DR to get it. Granted I'm not a big fan of Drs but hey... Heart Problems and High cholesterol problems go hand in hand, if you have high cholesterol you should be getting your ass to a Dr REGULARLY for the bloodwork that needs to be done. Drugs that require doctors to monitor (ie: Bloodtests to determine cholesterol levels, Thyroid hormones that require bloodtests etc) should NEVER be OTC that's just silly. Needless to say the FDA says they didn't think that Mevacor should be available OTC. (DUH!) I'm not a big fan of the FDA but I think they made the right call on this. Today we're going on a road trip so to speak. Hubby wants to take me to Dealey Plaza . (We watched a big thing on JFK the other night and us being history buffs... Well you know) OH! And also the place he works for is down the road from where Bonnie and Clyde went to school. And where Clyde's Father lived. (I may be mistaken on that and when he gets up if I am he'll surely correct it) There's history all around you folks... Sometime you should try to look some up. You obviously have a internet... Which is a vast wonderful resource for finding out things like what happened in your town. So do a google. See what comes up. You might learn something.


"Cycle brokened Mom, I fixit" (See hurt hand bandaged up) Thankfully his day is going better and he seems to be feeling good. I just wish I could talk him into taking a nap! LOL


Lost: 4 (FOUR) Pounds. Owner does not miss nor want pounds returned! If found you may keep or pass on to someone else.

Frazzled Friday

Coffee in hand I set out this morning on the computer adventure that is my morning routine. The house is silent as the boy is still asleep as it should be; He had such a rough day yesterday. The Sperm Doner called him as it was Sperm Doners bday. So he wants to talk to the boy. My trying to be nice get the boy up from where he was supposed to be trying to go to sleep for a nap to talk to him. Well since he hardly ever calls (Sperm Doner) The boy thought he was talking to David's son Paul Taco (long story and not even sure if I know why he calls him that but he's the only guy he talks to on the phone other than David) so he was all excited and chatting him up big time then all the sudden the phone started making the sound it does when it's off the hook to long. They had hung up on him I guess. I know the boy didn't push any buttons cuz I watch him like a hawk when he has the phone. The boy was heartbroken.... he cried and cried. Bad enough he thought his beloved Paul Taco hung up on him but here I had to explain no, it wasn't Paul it was his father!!!! I realize it could just be that they were done talking and needed to go and he didn't give the phone back to me so they hung up but they could have called back to explain that... right? I'm not the only one who thinks that was a low down scuzzy assed thing to do to a 2 year old am I? So I get him calmed down over that and he's playing and hurts himself on the hand... well no nap bad day already it just killed him... he stayed upset till Daddy came home and cheered him up. Then we went to the store did our groc. shopping, got dinner to bring home and came home and ate. Well... we'd gotten him some army men (every boy needs army men!) so Daddy got them all out and ready and he played and played and had a ball but it was bedtime so I got him ready for bed and off he went. About 15 - 20 minutes later he's vomitting like crazy. Sooooo got him all cleaned up, bed cleaned up etc.... Him calmed down us calmed down him back in bed and us in bed. He's not gotten sick again so I'm thinking too much getting upset yesterday but who knows. I pray he's not come down with something. Long bad day for him yesterday. Feel so bad for him when things happen I cannot control. But I have to say I am so thankful David loves the boy like his own. It's pretty obvious that the sperm doner won't be much of a father figure in his life. At least he has Daddy. When I got up bloglines said there were 30 blogs with new stuff on them! wow I did alot of reading! Crochet? well yesterday was rough but I did get some done on my hatswap hat. I hope it turns out ok. I am soooo looking forward to this weekend. David and the boy have both had such a rough week. Some down family time will be good for us all. Hope the market does better today, we've taken some pretty bad hits over the past couple weeks. Yesterday the dow closed down over 110 points... not good.


It had a pretty angel pen, TWO (count them two) skiens of Magic Stripes I have been dying for woohoo (now I will brave Sampler Lady's sock tutorial), a pendent yarn cutter, a journal!!!, a hook case, comfort grip for crochet hooks, and 4 Crystalites hooks, L, M, N, P. WOOHOO THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!!!! You're the best you truely are. It was so great to get this package! Everything was so wonderful.

I got a box today that said "Merry Christmas from Your Secret Pal" WOOHOO!!!!!

The "camo" pattern that I ended up creating. It's actually a richer color but the scanner didn't do it justice.

Quizzy Goodness

Oh comeon you know you love the quizzes! Tis an Earth Dragon be awakening...when a rose survives through winter... You are an earth Dragon! You have a knack for Nature or animals, and are peaceful, careful, chariming, and optimistic. You can throw a tantrum now or then, but who doesnt? You value simple things in life, such as friends, familly, and Nature. What elemental dragon are you? brought to you by Quizilla


My little unkymoods thing over on the sidebar may be missing over the next few days as they move to new servers and such. Good luck on a speedy uneventful move! I miss my mood when it's not there. How will I know how I feel? hehe I keep telling people that's how hubby knows if it's safe to come home!!!! LMAO (THAT'S A JOKE!!!!)

Thrilled about Thursday

Eh not really just a catchy title Although Thursday is one day closer to weekend! Dang it's windy out. It's Kansas windy. That howling wind that cuts through fabric, threatens to take your breath away, chill you to the bone wind. It's also gotten colder, yesterday we hovered around 66 all day, this morning it's 37 and we aren't getting much warmer. Poor hubby is so sick and he is still trudging off to work. I wish I could make it better for him. :( I started a hat last night and used some chenille (the thinner stuff) with two different color strands held together, a dark green and a tannish color- was going to give it to my hat swap partner but... It looks like camouflage!!!!!!! lmao Soooo have to pick at least one different color. gonna move up from a I to a J hook I believe. I'll have to keep the camo in mind though. Well gotta go refill the coffee cup.... Mmmmmmmmmmm cooffffeeeeee


Spoke to soon 'bout the storms, we got one that just popped up outta nowhere. Pic shows lighter than it is. Well... shutten her down laters.


ooooooooooooo Get your mind outta the gutter people! Looked there ofr awhile like it was gonna open up and rain like crazy but we just had a light rain with a bit of rumbles. They have us under a Thunderstorm watch but it's all going around us. In fact looking at weatherbug's radar it's all past us to the east. Been really busy today. I hope it looks like I have gotten something accomplished. The boy tears things up as quick as I fix 'em. Say hello to a new blogger Yarnings. Make her feel welcome to the blog community. Well hopefully Hubby will be heading home soon. Something dawned on me today... for the first time in a loooooong darn time I didn't get cold today... hmmm COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! errr well WARM!!!!!!!!!!!!! heh

Which Beautiful Woman are You?

You are a slave

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

He says he is cooking super. He says he's making chili. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he was holding a can of black eyed peas.

Windy Wednesday

Dug out and dusted off an old title cuz Baby it's windy out there!!!!! Nice for listening to our windchimes which have chimed their little (and big) hearts out over night and into morning. It's supposed to turn off cold again though. I won't bore ya'll with another post about our sleeping (or lack thereof) trouble. Oh wait that's all I have to talk about. lmao I am feeling a bit like I have my candle burning at both ends because I have so much to do. But I do it to myself. I think about what I have to do instead of just doing it. You know what I mean? If I would just do it then it would be done. I think about doing it then what all else I have to do and get overwhelmed... not good. I MUST break myself of this habit. Thing is I don't even realize I am doing it alot of times. I'm such a spaz. OK Well enough ranting and raving. Clothes are done and ready to be put in the dryer.

What age do you act?

You Are 24 Years Old
Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe. 13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world. 20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences. 30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more! 40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.
I have to not agree with this as alot of the questions just didn't have answers that related to me. Oh and BTW you can add blogthings to your my yahoo page if you didn't know then you can get the new quizzes as they come out.



Since you are 7 hours ahead of me it's almost your birthday sooooo....

See the Cat? Hambut the wonder cat hiding in the Home Theater System box, why? See previous picture. See the tissue? The Boy thought the cat needed his nose wiped.... hence the hiding cat and sweet innocent looking child.

See the boy. He says "Posta be Daddy's Boy" That, he thinks is his get out of jail free card.

What don't I nap?

I'm tired re:previous five thousand posts lol The Boy took a nap at 11 I thought since I am so tired and don't feel good at the moment so I will lay down and catch up on sleep. My first mistake was thinking.... I lay down. Keep in mind whe David is not home I don't sleep I just can't so I lay in bed.... first the cat goes crazy because EVERY bird in North Texas is in our yard. I get the cat calmed down (threatened with bodily harm) and try yet again to fall asleep. I doze and the phone rings twice, I grab it- no one is there. I look at the clock it's not even 12 yet. I try again.... (we live right by a park) everyones kids in a tri state area goes to the park to play the loudest game they can think of. While listening to the thumps of the kids running up and down the plastic slide the phone rings... omg it's Texas Right To Life.... ok I'm trying to be nice, but in the end just get aggitated and tell her that it doesn't matter the amount my money is already spent on bills right now and I don't want to commit to any dollar amount (especially when you SAY that any amount will help but want me to give a minimun of 25 after trying to get 100 out of me) because I don't know our finacial situation in 3 months from now! OK try again... after my heart stops pounding from the last call.... ok it's not going to stop. I doze again... but wake to hear the boy, hop up run in but he's still asleep. So I lay and try to sleep again everytime I doze something happens... I get up finally feeling worse than I did before I tried to sleep..... And that my friends, is why I don't usually take naps.

Tired Tuesday

David was up and down most of the night. The boy refused to go to sleep till after we went to bed. I laid in bed listening to him play until he finally got quiet. He was up before 5 before His Dad left for work again. Soooo needless to say I am very tired and cranky. Worried... Got another secret project almost finished last night. Got an idea for a hat. Don't know if I'll be able to do it but I'm gonna try. I don't think there is enough coffee in the world to wake me up today.


Fairy GodMother gift. WOW Is all I can say Thank You Fairy GodMother whoever you are. It's beautiful and it made my day!!!!


Sometime I passed 16,000 hits on this site.... Wow.... How'd that happen? That's kinda cool! holy cow! Thanks to ya'll who come and read and those who actaully come back and read more and those who even comment!!!! YOU ALL ROCK!


Gemini Horoscope for 1/10- 1/17
This week's scenario is highlighted by enthusiasm and creativity. There is little resistance to your creative, spontaneous inclinations. This is a wonderful time for creative work and expression of any kind. Dance, music, artistic creativity, and scientific work are all benefited. Originality is highlighted and you are able to compose, design, and create things with fresh insight and originality. You feel less constrained and hemmed in by circumstances and are able to enjoy activities with greater zest and spirit than usual. You can develop greater agility and fluency at this time. Dancers and musicians, for example, often develop more free-flowing, graceful styles and techniques during this period. This horoscope provided by Astrology Source. Learn about your inner self, friends, and lovers.
Get your free blog ready horoscope for this week at Blogthings.

Monday, Monday

Oh How I hate Mondays!! Well I got somethings accomplished this weekend crochetwise but I can't show most here as it is a super top secret project. (nanner nanner nanner) I'm almost done with what I am making for my secret pal (Winter one) for the reveal package eventhough she already knows who I am cuz I am a doof. I am still waiting for my reveal package from my FIRST secret pal swap in Autumn, she seems to have disappeared so I hope she is ok whoever she was. Who knows how this one will go. lol Sometimes my luck or lack thereof steps in and messes things up for me right real good. David is the sweetest and best hubby there ever was. He took the trash out this morning so I could sleep late... Since he was up and the boy was up I don't think anyone got much sleep. Somehow the boy wakes up at one am thinking it's time to get up. David seems to never sleep during the week anymore... Talk about your job stress. Well I have laundry that needs to be put in the dryer so I can put more in the washer. I will say first though that I am tickled the Rams won and will go on to the next round of playoffs. But am disappointed in Randy Moss' behavior and the Vikings reaction to it. I don't know how it's turned out for the latest (him pretending to moon after a touchdown) but I would bet money it's not going to be anything more than a slap on the wrist. Just once can someone shows some Lou Holtz balls and make these players sit out even if it is a big game. If you do wrong you should get punished. Since when did the rules change for life to where no one needs to be held personally responsible for their actions?


Have you noticed

The "new easy open package" rarely is?


Poke my eyes out....

I've seen it all now. Viewer Sues Over 'Fear Factor' Rat Episode "Austin Aitken told The Associated Press he watches "Fear Factor" often and had no problem with past installments where the reality shows participants ate worms and insects in pursuit of a $50,000 prize but eating rats went "too far." "It's barbaric, some of the things they ask these individuals to do," Aitken said Thursday. " OK Eating rats is going to far but he was ok with Pig Anuses? Wait it gets better: " Aitken's handwritten lawsuit contends the rat-eating made his blood pressure rise, resulting in being dizzy and lightheaded and vomiting. Because he was disoriented he ran into a doorway, "causing suffering, injury and great pain." Asked why he didn't shut off his television before the rat-eating segment, Aitken said he couldn't do it quick enough. " Uhhhh.... LMFAO HE watches a dumb show gets sick runs into a doorway and no he is suing NBC... omg Apparently this IDIOT forgot what worthless TV he was watching and thinks it's NBC's fault he's stupid enough to watch that crap! I don't think this stuff should be on tv either- HEY THAT'S WHY I DON'T WATCH IT!!!!! The fact he is a regular viewer shows his intellectual deficit to me. How can people stuff their minds full of stupid mindless fodder on a daily basis and continue to function in society is beyond me. Man..... I may have to sue this idiot for being an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT TO ADD: I am by no means trying to offend anyone who thinks that is good tv... Just questinoning your sanity lol! Seriously If thats what you want to watch fine watch it just take responsibility of the fact you are choosing to watch it knowing it's a show that has no intellectual benefit whatsoever and that gets grossly disgusting at times.


It's horrible, I know and the loss of life is just devasating. It's mindboggling that so many could go at the same time from the same thing (and it not be a nuclear bomb) We will never understand why all those people had to go at this time. The best any of us can do is take this time and be thankful for what/who we have. Hug your family, tell your friends and family you appreciate them. If you can and want to then donate time/money/etc to one of the many places sending aid or to one of your local charities. Pray, meditate, chant whatever your spiritual preference is for those that survived, lost family etc One thing we ALL need to learn is when to stop. If we innudate (sp?) ourselves with viewing pictures, reading stories watching news coverage of tragedies such as this for to long we can really do some harm to our emotional wellbeing. I'm not saying become an uncaring doof, I am just saying we all need a step back once in awhile to ground ourselves and renew our emotional health with something positive. OK?

After Thoughts

I reread that and it sounds to me like negativity it shouldn't be. I am not negative today I refuse to be... Today I will feel better and be better. I realize that with my not having my thyroid medicine and it being so low and my cholesterol being so high I was heading straight for a heart attack and now, I can reverse that... That's a good thing... Heart attack and Death = BAD Life and all the things involved with it = GOOD VERY GOOD! So no more being negative or down! I have lots in my life to be working for better health for.

Finally Friday

OK, When we went for my DR's thingy and they did the bloodwork they said call in 48 hours... would have been today. They called yesterday with percriptions to be filled asap. My thyroid was way low. The lower the TSH number the more normal the thyroid level is 2 is normal mine was 41 not good. My cholestrol is way up too... we won't get into numbers there either but it was bad enough he put me on Lipitor. At least it's a Pfizer product and we have their stock so I don't feel like a traitor. LMAO Also good note on insurance, they may suck for going to the dr but they saved us a buttload of money on medicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We only had to pay $10.00 for two perscriptions which together would have been over a hundred. So I am apeased and not cussing at them right now. Speaking of cussing and yelling and fit throwing.... The boy was up at 4:30 this morning, all smiles , didn't throw a fit when Daddy left for work, was a really good boy... until Daddy was gone then he turned into a monster... yelling at me to "WATCH MICKEY HOUSE" (mickey mouse) "GET ME MILK" "CHANGE DIAPER" ok you get the idea... well I am not a morning person and even if I was you yell at me I get fed up pretty quick so I have a headache he's pouting and the dayis not looking promising. I'm tired... I don't sleep till towards morning and I'll be damned thats usually when I have to get up hehe Crochet needs to be done like crazy. I have to take apart the rpinter and see what it's aliment is... maybe it needs lipitor. I also have to figure out a low cholestrol diet... *gag* OK well maybe I'll get some crochet pics up soon. *yawns*


Medical Info

Since I have blogged so much about it lately. I figured I better clear things up. I have Graves Disease. Now my thyroid WAS overactive, in 1992 when I was diagnosed I had a goiter which is an enlarged part/all of the thyroid. I also had a spot that was abnormal which they feared was cancerous. So as a result of that and the fact my thyroid was waaaay over active they decided to remove instead of using radiation to shrink it. So they remove 80% of one side and 60% of the other(Spot was pre-cancer but not cancer yet). That made me hypothyroid (low thyroid) and dependant on Thyroid replace hormone for the rest of my life. MAking a long story short: I didn't have insurance and couldn't afford the bloodtests, dr visits etc so I stopped taking my pills. Which needless to say dropped my thyroid level down. A bit over two years since I lost insurance coverage. Symptoms of Hypothyroidism: Early symptoms: weakness fatigue cold intolerance constipation weight gain (unintentional) depression joint or muscle pain thin, brittle fingernails thin and brittle hair paleness Late symptoms: slow speech dry flaky skin thickening of the skin puffy face, hands and feet decreased taste and smell thinning of eyebrows hoarseness abnormal menstrual periods Additional symptoms that may be associated with this disease: overall swelling muscle spasms (cramps) muscle pain muscle atrophy uncoordinated movement absent menstruation joint stiffness dry hair hair loss facial swelling drowsiness appetite loss ankle, feet, and leg swelling I am pretty much on the late stages of the list. BUT, I am on the road to feeling better. More info on Graves Disease

Baby, It's cold outside.

It's 20 at least that is what it says on weatherbug. I just know I 'bout froze my butt off takingout the trash. Oh hey that might be a good thing though. hehe Got to get some crochet done today. Am running behind on everything, housework, crochet, website.... grrrrr babysteps, I know, cannot let myself get overwhelmed or nothing will get done. Thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts. You are all so wonderful.


Topic? We don't need no stinking Topic!

Just a quickie. Dr appt went ok if you call our insurance office being closed due to weather so the dr couldnt verify our benefits so we had to pay out of pocket... Fine you say? TRY $410!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have I stopped cussing yet? NOPE AND I WONT TILL THE BLOODSUCKING INSURANCE COMPANY PAYS US BACK. Anyway got bloodwork and pills so should start feeling normal once again... huh? Oh yeah ... never been normal a day in my life... I should start feeling OK again soon. Anyway I'm freezing cuz the weather turned cold so I'm sitting here shivering so I'm off now gonna go crawl under covers.

Shadydowns Soapbox

Shadydowns Soapbox- Inmates have lfet the asylum and are and are trying the world Go read this. I am totally scared to think that someone could actually be trying to ban the private ownership of guns globally. I have said it before I will say it again- GET THE U.S. OUT OF THE UN AND NOW! No good can come of this.



Remember this? I was making one for Rae's daughter when the call for submissions to : Crochet Pattern-A-Day™ So I thought what the hey and as I was making K's I wrote the pattern. Anyway to make long story short I got word I am in!

terrible tuesday

tired, no sleep. half-sick. Feel like the world has turned against me today. Why? Aw who the hell knows this time. Who the hell cares. Tomorrow I got to the dr, I hope it helps, I really do. Cuz I cannot go on like this.


That's just wrong

wrong wrong wrong wrong
You Are a Chihuahua Puppy
Small, high strung, and loyal. You do best in the city with a adults - young kids could crush you!
Just when I had been gathering things for a package to cheer up Sutty who's been having a rough go of things lately, she goes and sends me a package. I had no idea I'd be getting such yummy yarns!!! Also a handmade scarf which is totally beautiful (love those colors!) And a bracelet and sachet. Thank you again Sutty!!!!

Pet Peeve

I sooooooooooooooo totally hate to be cruising a web ring and all the sudden bam dead complete freakin' stop because hard as you look you cannot find the webring code anywhere on the site so you are stuck and cannot go to the next site.

Monday??? NO FAIR! *stomps foot*

How can it be Monday? I hate them! Hubby shouldn't have to go back to work!!!! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR ! ok I'm through with my fit. I soooo didn't sleep last night. Couldn't get comfortable didn't feel good then when I did fall asleep I was awaken by a thunderstorm, which I normally don't mind but this one was particularlly loud and flashy. Going to rain most of the week so hubby will probably have to work Saturday and that just burns my butt! OK looking back at what I have typed... Can I get any grumpier??? lol Housework today, hopefully some crochet.


Tearing Down the Tree

I took the tree down. Usually when I do that I end up reflecting on things. Today I was struck by the realization that each year I take the tree down according to how the year went. If the year and Christmas were good then the tree comes down slowly and with some regret that it has to come down at all. If the year and Christmas were bad then it is hastily taken down and stuffed away as if to stuff away the bad things of the year. Since I have been with David, the tree comes down lovingly and with somewhat regret that time has flown another year by. I cannot say it was a totally good year but I am loved and in love and that makes things better. Most importantly, I love myself. With all my flaws (which I work to change) I have found the peace that comes from having someone that loves me for me. We all have things we don't like about ourselves. But we are the only person who can change those things. I am putting an effort into changes habits I have that are not good habits. I think that is one of the reasons my tree did not get stuffed. OK well technically it kinda did but only because it is a new tree and those things are hard to get back in the box but metaphorically it didn't get stuffed! lol

Yarn Winder info

Real quick post here. I have had several inquiries as to where I got my yarn winder. I got it from here: twilightmemories I just used the buy it now feature so I wouldn't have to wait until and auction ended.

Sleepy Sunday

I'm still sleepy. Yeah yeah yeah I know, tell you something I haven't told you before. Yesterday was kinda a bust as far as the things I ws gonna get done, I didn't take the tree down, we went and got one of those big tubs to put the decorations in so I could do it today. I also didn't get pictures of the van so I will do that today. Finished one of K's gifts last night. Waiting for the yarn to arrive for the rest of it, hopefully soon. My hands are sooooooo stiff today, well so is the rest of me, I can tell it's gonna rain. A couple good bowl games yesterday. I think the best one was the Capital One Bowl it was good and close. OK Maybe tomorrow I will make one big bowl post so that if you don't want to read football related content you can just skip it. Well looks like that day has started without me so I better just publish this and get my ancient feeling body moving.


So hungover Saturday

lol OK well maybe not that bad, but I do have a headache. (Now I know why I hate drinking anything other than a couple glasses of wine) I hope everyone had safe celebrations for the new year. Now... it's time to take down the tree and the yard decorations and all that stuff. This year crochetwise has lots of possibilities. I am in a Hat Swap and already have the person who I am supposed to make the hat for just haven't decided what hat to make. I have a couple things left for Sis's daughter to make before shipment. I have P's Alanta Falcons hat. I have a hat to make to donate to anysoldier.org- that may end up being a couple haven't decided yet. I also have a thread crochet along and a gift along which I will make a holiday gift a month at least so they will be done hopefully by christmas (course theres bdays in there too) Of course the secret pal swap as well as I have some ideas for designs of outfits that are just waiting for me to find the "right" yarn for. Once it is designed it will be for sale. Well, right now I need to get busy and start the tree tearing down and black eyed peas have to be cooked today and cabbage and such for our traditional new year feast. Course I'd rather go back to bed. We missed a bowl game yesterday... although we missed it because we were out buying Montana. No. Not the state. We bought a used Pontiac Montana. So at least I do not have to worry so much about David's commute to hell and back every day. Plus it has ONStar which totally rocks out loud! (Is it wrong I am finding so much joy in the fact our van has a phone number all it's own??????) Well Laters. Pictures later when I get around to getting out to take them.

New Year 2005

OK drunk on Champ champang Sparkling wine (from Spain even ) It's hubbys fault! lol But HAPPY NEW YEAR! There's fireworks all over town it sounds like but then thats been the case all night. May this year be better than the last. May you spend it in good health, happy, safe, sane, and peaceful!!! Cheers. David, may I spend this year being the wife so deserve, want, and need. And may I never forget to be your obedient other half. I love you with all my heart, Happy New Year.

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