Sleepy Sunday

I'm still sleepy. Yeah yeah yeah I know, tell you something I haven't told you before. Yesterday was kinda a bust as far as the things I ws gonna get done, I didn't take the tree down, we went and got one of those big tubs to put the decorations in so I could do it today. I also didn't get pictures of the van so I will do that today. Finished one of K's gifts last night. Waiting for the yarn to arrive for the rest of it, hopefully soon. My hands are sooooooo stiff today, well so is the rest of me, I can tell it's gonna rain. A couple good bowl games yesterday. I think the best one was the Capital One Bowl it was good and close. OK Maybe tomorrow I will make one big bowl post so that if you don't want to read football related content you can just skip it. Well looks like that day has started without me so I better just publish this and get my ancient feeling body moving.

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