Sleepy Sunday

I'll make no bones about it, I'm sleepy. Tired off my butt. Feel like I have not slept at all this weekend. Also feeling very pmsy, tired cranky short tempered etc The boy for the past two days instead of sleeping late on weekends like he usually does has gotten up at 5 both days. So I have had no cuddle time this weekend at all. :( No Cuddle Makes Mommy Grumpy I have that feeling you get right before you are gonna get a cold. I know... I 'm sitting here bitching with my fingers.... Sorry! Onto something else: I was ROAK'd by a Fairy Godmother yesterday. Part of it I was expecting as she was getting something I had been wanting but was having a hard time finding that she could get easily. But the rest was a surprise and I love love loved it all! So Thanks Natalie! You're a doll... although I'm already addicted to Burt's Bees products! I loved the lotions and the lip balm and the facial scrub (it was awesome) I totally loved the badger balm sample you send too! So thank you so much Natalie! Onto crochet I hope to finish my Hatswap hat today. then have to get P's hat worked up as it looks like Atlanta has a good dran chance to go to the Superbowl. It was a shame they beat St Louis but The Rams didn't do much in their defence. How bout the Steelers/Jets game? Good game. Glad the Steelers won even if I hate their coach. Well better get to moving, I guess. grrrr want to go back to bed though.

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