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Remember the boy's bad day where his father had called and then hung up on him? He called again this weekend (the sperm donor that is), wanting to talk to "his son" since he didn't get to on his birthday. I am like : "Hang on you talked to him on your birthday!" He: "I did? Oh I forgot I guess" Me: "Yeah and you hung up on him." He: "No my phone card ran out on me." OK thats a resonably good excuse except for one big thing.... when they call through these pre-paid phone cards (when anyone does) it shows up on caller id as unavailable with a different number (not their home number) or no number at all.... The call I got on his birthday had his name and home phone number on it. Back up on the lying part a minute and lets address the fact he forgot he talked to his son... HUH?????? How do you forget something like that? I'm at a loss..... anyway he talked to him for a bit (Sean didn't want to talk very long) then I ended up with the phone and he's wanting to know when we're gonna be up there.... uhhhh why should we go out of our way AGAIN (and it's waaaaaaaaay out like three states way out of our way) to bring your son to you since you have never done anything to even TRY to see him other than having us bring him to you? I said I didn't know when David got his vacation cuz he's been pretty sick He's like "oh ok bye". GEESH.....

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