Should still be sleepin Saturday

Yeah, me and the boy have been up for a bit. He woke up I got up to let Daddy sleep since he doesn't get to do that much. Course since this house is old and one of those open houses where you have to walk through all the rooms to get to anywhere you need to go he doesn't get much sleep. But we try, which means I speed all my time whispering "Sean, hush" "Sean don't stomp" "Sean don't run through the house daddy's trying to sleep" "Sean don't yell" He tries his hardest to wake Daddy up, he's not doing it to be mean he justs loves Daddy and wants him up. Ummm am halfway done with the hatswap hat.... I guess.... It didn't turn out like it did in my mind lol But it's not bad just not what I originally set out to make. Ever do that? Start crocheting with the intent to make something a certain way and it go completely different but not in a bad way? Sometimes I like to just pick up hook and yarn and crochet without a plan or pattern and just see what comes off the hook. I don't know if any of you are aware of this but the FDA had an advisory panel meeting yesterday to see if Mevacor (one of those lowering cholesterol drugs like Lipitor ) should be sold OTC( over the counter). I fail to see where ANYONE would think that could be a good idea? Those types of drugs can cause some serious problems if not taken properly (or if the wrong person takes it). That's why you have to go to a DR to get it. Granted I'm not a big fan of Drs but hey... Heart Problems and High cholesterol problems go hand in hand, if you have high cholesterol you should be getting your ass to a Dr REGULARLY for the bloodwork that needs to be done. Drugs that require doctors to monitor (ie: Bloodtests to determine cholesterol levels, Thyroid hormones that require bloodtests etc) should NEVER be OTC that's just silly. Needless to say the FDA says they didn't think that Mevacor should be available OTC. (DUH!) I'm not a big fan of the FDA but I think they made the right call on this. Today we're going on a road trip so to speak. Hubby wants to take me to Dealey Plaza . (We watched a big thing on JFK the other night and us being history buffs... Well you know) OH! And also the place he works for is down the road from where Bonnie and Clyde went to school. And where Clyde's Father lived. (I may be mistaken on that and when he gets up if I am he'll surely correct it) There's history all around you folks... Sometime you should try to look some up. You obviously have a internet... Which is a vast wonderful resource for finding out things like what happened in your town. So do a google. See what comes up. You might learn something.

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