Friday's in a Frenzy

Hehe catchy title huh? When I think of yarn I think in terms of color, how soft, how pretty, what I will make and for whom. When David thinks if yarn he sees plastic tubs of yarn floating around his head like cartoons stars after being hit. Does that mean I have too much yarn? To an outsider, possibly. To a yarny? You can not ever have "too much yarn"... that phrase doesn't exisit in our vocabulary. You never know when you will need this type/color for a project. I'm addicted. To yarn. I've cast my lot in life and ended up being a yarny. In other news (uhhh that wasn't news- oh yeah). David has to go back for another blood test (omg you freaking ghouls you took 4 vials the other day). This for gout in his foot (uhh gout doesn't get anywhere else does it? So it would be in the foot then right Kari? Don't state the obvious... omg I'm typing to myself!!!!!) No word on the ct scan. Since he talked to his kids last night I can say they are trying to rule out the big C word. Although is highly unlikey that it would be that, anyone who has ever been near when a dr mentions that C word knows the stab of fear that is felt (except David :P ). It's the word that everyone fears. We've all known someone who's life has been forever altered because of that one word. Possibly our own life. And we all know (if not ourselves) someone who has had that scare. I had that scare when I had my thyroid removed... had to wait a month to find out... omg that was horrible... a person with an anxiety disorder having to wait a month to find out if they had cancer... Hopefully it won't take that long for David to find out. I digress... David's dr is a quack.... I mean lock, stock and barrell slap some web feet on the man cuz he is a freakin' quack! Rude hateful and well... rude and hateful covers it.... He "didn't have time" (his words) to deal with anything else. Tells him he has degenrative arthritis gonna screen him for cancer and he don't have time for any other problems or to ever talk to him about the arthritis.... "Here you have this, take a pill" QUACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, we wait. Once we get results we switch David's quac...errr dr. You're prayers, thoughts and well wishes are greatly appreciated. You all ROCK!

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