Wake up Wednesday

The boy has been up since 4 am.... Wouldn't be so bad except David emailed me from work yesterday to make him a Dr appt. (you know he's hurting if he gives in and wants to go to Dr) so we were actually not gong to have to get up at 4. He (the boy) stayed in his bed till after 5 so I got up with him. Hopefully David got some extra sleep but I doubt it. I had bad dreams all night and am having one of those mornings that feels like the world is gonna cave in around me. Not making for a good day. I finished my hatswap hat last night. Also almost done with Super Secret Project. As soon as I get more yarn I will finish K's hat and send everything of hers off to Rae. Also have P's Atlanta Falcon's hat to make (looks like I better get it done as they have a good chance of going to the Super bowl). That leaves: Stuff that I can't post/talk about cuz it's gifts for Christmas and birthdays and the recipients (sp?) read this blog. Don't worry, I have a thread CaL and others things I will post about the I make in between gifts so you'll still have things to look at! On another front: Feb 20th is Daytona 500.... The start of NASCARs season. Mark Martin's final season as a Nextell Cup driver. :( I sure hope he has his best season ever. Means I have to do alot of looking and watching and studying to find me another driver. I've followed his career before he was in big time racing. Gonna be hard to pick a new driver to follow. Probably either Carl Edwards or Jamie McMurray cuz they are local boys (Missouri)but I don't know yet. Oh well I guess, onward the day!

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