Finally Friday

OK, When we went for my DR's thingy and they did the bloodwork they said call in 48 hours... would have been today. They called yesterday with percriptions to be filled asap. My thyroid was way low. The lower the TSH number the more normal the thyroid level is 2 is normal mine was 41 not good. My cholestrol is way up too... we won't get into numbers there either but it was bad enough he put me on Lipitor. At least it's a Pfizer product and we have their stock so I don't feel like a traitor. LMAO Also good note on insurance, they may suck for going to the dr but they saved us a buttload of money on medicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We only had to pay $10.00 for two perscriptions which together would have been over a hundred. So I am apeased and not cussing at them right now. Speaking of cussing and yelling and fit throwing.... The boy was up at 4:30 this morning, all smiles , didn't throw a fit when Daddy left for work, was a really good boy... until Daddy was gone then he turned into a monster... yelling at me to "WATCH MICKEY HOUSE" (mickey mouse) "GET ME MILK" "CHANGE DIAPER" ok you get the idea... well I am not a morning person and even if I was you yell at me I get fed up pretty quick so I have a headache he's pouting and the dayis not looking promising. I'm tired... I don't sleep till towards morning and I'll be damned thats usually when I have to get up hehe Crochet needs to be done like crazy. I have to take apart the rpinter and see what it's aliment is... maybe it needs lipitor. I also have to figure out a low cholestrol diet... *gag* OK well maybe I'll get some crochet pics up soon. *yawns*

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