It's horrible, I know and the loss of life is just devasating. It's mindboggling that so many could go at the same time from the same thing (and it not be a nuclear bomb) We will never understand why all those people had to go at this time. The best any of us can do is take this time and be thankful for what/who we have. Hug your family, tell your friends and family you appreciate them. If you can and want to then donate time/money/etc to one of the many places sending aid or to one of your local charities. Pray, meditate, chant whatever your spiritual preference is for those that survived, lost family etc One thing we ALL need to learn is when to stop. If we innudate (sp?) ourselves with viewing pictures, reading stories watching news coverage of tragedies such as this for to long we can really do some harm to our emotional wellbeing. I'm not saying become an uncaring doof, I am just saying we all need a step back once in awhile to ground ourselves and renew our emotional health with something positive. OK?

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