Frazzled Friday

Coffee in hand I set out this morning on the computer adventure that is my morning routine. The house is silent as the boy is still asleep as it should be; He had such a rough day yesterday. The Sperm Doner called him as it was Sperm Doners bday. So he wants to talk to the boy. My trying to be nice get the boy up from where he was supposed to be trying to go to sleep for a nap to talk to him. Well since he hardly ever calls (Sperm Doner) The boy thought he was talking to David's son Paul Taco (long story and not even sure if I know why he calls him that but he's the only guy he talks to on the phone other than David) so he was all excited and chatting him up big time then all the sudden the phone started making the sound it does when it's off the hook to long. They had hung up on him I guess. I know the boy didn't push any buttons cuz I watch him like a hawk when he has the phone. The boy was heartbroken.... he cried and cried. Bad enough he thought his beloved Paul Taco hung up on him but here I had to explain no, it wasn't Paul it was his father!!!! I realize it could just be that they were done talking and needed to go and he didn't give the phone back to me so they hung up but they could have called back to explain that... right? I'm not the only one who thinks that was a low down scuzzy assed thing to do to a 2 year old am I? So I get him calmed down over that and he's playing and hurts himself on the hand... well no nap bad day already it just killed him... he stayed upset till Daddy came home and cheered him up. Then we went to the store did our groc. shopping, got dinner to bring home and came home and ate. Well... we'd gotten him some army men (every boy needs army men!) so Daddy got them all out and ready and he played and played and had a ball but it was bedtime so I got him ready for bed and off he went. About 15 - 20 minutes later he's vomitting like crazy. Sooooo got him all cleaned up, bed cleaned up etc.... Him calmed down us calmed down him back in bed and us in bed. He's not gotten sick again so I'm thinking too much getting upset yesterday but who knows. I pray he's not come down with something. Long bad day for him yesterday. Feel so bad for him when things happen I cannot control. But I have to say I am so thankful David loves the boy like his own. It's pretty obvious that the sperm doner won't be much of a father figure in his life. At least he has Daddy. When I got up bloglines said there were 30 blogs with new stuff on them! wow I did alot of reading! Crochet? well yesterday was rough but I did get some done on my hatswap hat. I hope it turns out ok. I am soooo looking forward to this weekend. David and the boy have both had such a rough week. Some down family time will be good for us all. Hope the market does better today, we've taken some pretty bad hits over the past couple weeks. Yesterday the dow closed down over 110 points... not good.

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