Mad Monday

Starting off with the reason I am mad The Falcons and The Steelers totaly choked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF game were ya'll at cuz you weren't at the game you SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLAYING TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I won't watch the superbowl cuz both teams playing I hate so where's the fun in that? Don't get me wrong I am the person wwho watches football for football not even caring what team is playing but when it comes to the Super Bowl there is so much BS that goes along with it it isn't about football and I can't/don't watch it if there isn't a team I want to win. Hang on need more coffee- OK back and done ranting. David went back to work.... *pouts* We really need to win the lottery, just enough money so David doesn't have to go to work every day at 4:30 AM! Didn't get much crocheting doen this weekend, got nothing done like I planned. Had so much going on. Did get the yarn for K's hat thoguh so I can make it and send her stuff off finally. Sutty, has left for Oregon. We wish her welll and will miss her presence online. Pastor Rick has surgery today we pray for him to make it through ok and start feeling better soon. David will get the results to his bloodtests soon and hopefully we can get him set up with another DR. One that "has time" for him and actually wants to help him feel better and find out whats wrong. Alekx and Burfica have been going through it with their mother and although she is doing better we still send prayes and well wishes their way. Tiff lost her Great Grandfather, our prayers are with you and your family - we are so sorry for your loss. Our prayers are also with Smoke and his younger bro, hopefully things will work out for them. My dear Sis, I haven't seen you around in a couple days and hope all is well with you hun. *sighs* Well Kitten said it... When it rains it freakin pours here in blogdom! Welll.... now that is taken care of.... guess I will go cruising blogs and continue to try to wake up. Have a good day everyone.

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