Tearing Down the Tree

I took the tree down. Usually when I do that I end up reflecting on things. Today I was struck by the realization that each year I take the tree down according to how the year went. If the year and Christmas were good then the tree comes down slowly and with some regret that it has to come down at all. If the year and Christmas were bad then it is hastily taken down and stuffed away as if to stuff away the bad things of the year. Since I have been with David, the tree comes down lovingly and with somewhat regret that time has flown another year by. I cannot say it was a totally good year but I am loved and in love and that makes things better. Most importantly, I love myself. With all my flaws (which I work to change) I have found the peace that comes from having someone that loves me for me. We all have things we don't like about ourselves. But we are the only person who can change those things. I am putting an effort into changes habits I have that are not good habits. I think that is one of the reasons my tree did not get stuffed. OK well technically it kinda did but only because it is a new tree and those things are hard to get back in the box but metaphorically it didn't get stuffed! lol

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