T- T- Tuesday

*yawns* Oh man I am one big pain. (David would probably agree although not the kind of pain I'm talking about but one in the butt lmao) We put a muscle rub type stuff on it last night and I had a reaction to it... so now along with the muscle pain (which went away for awhile but is back) I have to deal with a "sunburn" type pain. grrrr boy this week gets better all the time. lmao Yeah... I'm a big ole baby ya'll. Certain pain I can handle, actually can enjoy, but pain from injury or such I am a big ole wuss. ONTO other things...... ummmm *thinks* oh yeah CROCHET! That's why I started this blog. I'm working on... this super top secret project ya know, and I am trying a new thing out to see if it'll work ok for what I am doing. So far it's turning out cool and I think will work great and the person who will recieve it in the end (ooo that sounded like a baaaad porn movie) will like it. When it's all said and done and over I'll be able to expose myself it. Every time I tried to crochet yesterday when not sitting in front of the computer I either had the boy or the cat jumping in my lap. Hopefully I can get some done today as I need to get the finishing touches on my Hatswap hat. Speaking of swaps... (STILL talking crochet don't get excited) I want so much to join the Shawl/poncho swap at Crochetville... I'm just worried I wouldn't get it made in time...... ok well I hope I can do my Chico Metrics workout today, we'll see if my back lets up any.

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