Windy Wednesday

Dug out and dusted off an old title cuz Baby it's windy out there!!!!! Nice for listening to our windchimes which have chimed their little (and big) hearts out over night and into morning. It's supposed to turn off cold again though. I won't bore ya'll with another post about our sleeping (or lack thereof) trouble. Oh wait that's all I have to talk about. lmao I am feeling a bit like I have my candle burning at both ends because I have so much to do. But I do it to myself. I think about what I have to do instead of just doing it. You know what I mean? If I would just do it then it would be done. I think about doing it then what all else I have to do and get overwhelmed... not good. I MUST break myself of this habit. Thing is I don't even realize I am doing it alot of times. I'm such a spaz. OK Well enough ranting and raving. Clothes are done and ready to be put in the dryer.

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