Thrilled about Thursday

Eh not really just a catchy title Although Thursday is one day closer to weekend! Dang it's windy out. It's Kansas windy. That howling wind that cuts through fabric, threatens to take your breath away, chill you to the bone wind. It's also gotten colder, yesterday we hovered around 66 all day, this morning it's 37 and we aren't getting much warmer. Poor hubby is so sick and he is still trudging off to work. I wish I could make it better for him. :( I started a hat last night and used some chenille (the thinner stuff) with two different color strands held together, a dark green and a tannish color- was going to give it to my hat swap partner but... It looks like camouflage!!!!!!! lmao Soooo have to pick at least one different color. gonna move up from a I to a J hook I believe. I'll have to keep the camo in mind though. Well gotta go refill the coffee cup.... Mmmmmmmmmmm cooffffeeeeee

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