Monday, Monday

Oh How I hate Mondays!! Well I got somethings accomplished this weekend crochetwise but I can't show most here as it is a super top secret project. (nanner nanner nanner) I'm almost done with what I am making for my secret pal (Winter one) for the reveal package eventhough she already knows who I am cuz I am a doof. I am still waiting for my reveal package from my FIRST secret pal swap in Autumn, she seems to have disappeared so I hope she is ok whoever she was. Who knows how this one will go. lol Sometimes my luck or lack thereof steps in and messes things up for me right real good. David is the sweetest and best hubby there ever was. He took the trash out this morning so I could sleep late... Since he was up and the boy was up I don't think anyone got much sleep. Somehow the boy wakes up at one am thinking it's time to get up. David seems to never sleep during the week anymore... Talk about your job stress. Well I have laundry that needs to be put in the dryer so I can put more in the washer. I will say first though that I am tickled the Rams won and will go on to the next round of playoffs. But am disappointed in Randy Moss' behavior and the Vikings reaction to it. I don't know how it's turned out for the latest (him pretending to moon after a touchdown) but I would bet money it's not going to be anything more than a slap on the wrist. Just once can someone shows some Lou Holtz balls and make these players sit out even if it is a big game. If you do wrong you should get punished. Since when did the rules change for life to where no one needs to be held personally responsible for their actions?

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