So crazy Saturday

Man how hetic can a day be? We had to get up run to the dr to get David's bloodwork... that ended up being a hurry up and wait forever thing. Then we went to goodwill and another thrift store, might as well not have cuz I crapped out on yarn. goodwill had a bag of three old half used skiens but nothing I couldn't live without so I left them for someone who needed them more. We then went to a funiture store and found all kinds of things we'd love to have (a bed to D-I-E DIE for, I'm serious it was big and manly and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but alas you need room for those things... but we did find a table and chairs I think we're close to getting (hope hope hope)! We also went to a local sporting goods store that was going out of business, picked up a knife for David's son to replace the one we bought him two Christmases ago that broke on him. We stood at the steps of the courthouse and listened to some musicians playing. Sean really loves banjos and fiddles. Did I tell that David got himself a banjo finally? Now we'll both have one. (We both already have guitars). Can't wait till the boy is old enough to pick what he wants to play. Then we went to wally world, I didn't even go to the yarn (omg I must be sick) but I did get a new pair of jeans and we both got shoes. Came home I fixed tuna sandwhiches and we ate and were supposed to be taking a nap but the boy won't go to sleep. So I'm up and he's playing in his room. He's (the boy) going through a "phase" of being a pain when we got somewhere. Usually he's a dool everywhere but he's gotten to where only certain places he likes to go. Oh speaking of that we went to the ups store and mailed off my hatswap hat. The guy working today gave the boy ANOTHER 88 car (that makes two the same guy has given him) EVERY time we go there they give him something! Last time it was a big calculator! They all just think he is Da Bomb! Happy Birthday Beth and for SP whose is tomorrow (I think) as well. You two can give each other birthday hugs for us! And Sutty, I am so glad you are leaving that situation. I know it will be hard but believe me you are strong enough to make it. You'll be on our thoughts and prayers. You have both our address and number, keep in touch. We're gonna go out to eat tonight I think. To the Rice Box. We haven't been there yet and we've been wanting to try it. Tomorrow is stay home day. David is gonna smoke a pork tenderloin and some pork steaks. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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