So hungover Saturday

lol OK well maybe not that bad, but I do have a headache. (Now I know why I hate drinking anything other than a couple glasses of wine) I hope everyone had safe celebrations for the new year. Now... it's time to take down the tree and the yard decorations and all that stuff. This year crochetwise has lots of possibilities. I am in a Hat Swap and already have the person who I am supposed to make the hat for just haven't decided what hat to make. I have a couple things left for Sis's daughter to make before shipment. I have P's Alanta Falcons hat. I have a hat to make to donate to anysoldier.org- that may end up being a couple haven't decided yet. I also have a thread crochet along and a gift along which I will make a holiday gift a month at least so they will be done hopefully by christmas (course theres bdays in there too) Of course the secret pal swap as well as I have some ideas for designs of outfits that are just waiting for me to find the "right" yarn for. Once it is designed it will be for sale. Well, right now I need to get busy and start the tree tearing down and black eyed peas have to be cooked today and cabbage and such for our traditional new year feast. Course I'd rather go back to bed. We missed a bowl game yesterday... although we missed it because we were out buying Montana. No. Not the state. We bought a used Pontiac Montana. So at least I do not have to worry so much about David's commute to hell and back every day. Plus it has ONStar which totally rocks out loud! (Is it wrong I am finding so much joy in the fact our van has a phone number all it's own??????) Well Laters. Pictures later when I get around to getting out to take them.

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