What don't I nap?

I'm tired re:previous five thousand posts lol The Boy took a nap at 11 I thought since I am so tired and don't feel good at the moment so I will lay down and catch up on sleep. My first mistake was thinking.... I lay down. Keep in mind whe David is not home I don't sleep I just can't so I lay in bed.... first the cat goes crazy because EVERY bird in North Texas is in our yard. I get the cat calmed down (threatened with bodily harm) and try yet again to fall asleep. I doze and the phone rings twice, I grab it- no one is there. I look at the clock it's not even 12 yet. I try again.... (we live right by a park) everyones kids in a tri state area goes to the park to play the loudest game they can think of. While listening to the thumps of the kids running up and down the plastic slide the phone rings... omg it's Texas Right To Life.... ok I'm trying to be nice, but in the end just get aggitated and tell her that it doesn't matter the amount my money is already spent on bills right now and I don't want to commit to any dollar amount (especially when you SAY that any amount will help but want me to give a minimun of 25 after trying to get 100 out of me) because I don't know our finacial situation in 3 months from now! OK try again... after my heart stops pounding from the last call.... ok it's not going to stop. I doze again... but wake to hear the boy, hop up run in but he's still asleep. So I lay and try to sleep again everytime I doze something happens... I get up finally feeling worse than I did before I tried to sleep..... And that my friends, is why I don't usually take naps.

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