OK well no rants today. I'll be nice and calm. Well as nice and calm as usual. lol Finished the scarf I was working on to give myself a break from trying to understand that dang sock pattern. I can't believe he actually posed for that ROFL!!!! The yarn is from a ebay auction, It didn't have any label and had 2 skiens, only have a little left hoping maybe make a ear cover/ headband type thigy. The scarf was worked lengthwise just chained until when draped around my neck it was long enough, then sc in 2nd ch and all across ch1 turn *sc in every sc till end, ch1 turn* repeated * until wide enough finish off and fringe. Today I have to work on G-Ma Dawn's (Sean's gma) bookmark and get it done so I can work on her friend's they will be in Missouri end of July. I also need to make another scrunchi for Sean's cousin Rayna, she had Dawn send him her little people farm as "she was getting to big for it" - which he loves. Have to do laundry, and pay for won ebay items- we won some waterbed sheets, and a couple sleeping bags (woohoo). Ebay can get addictive if you aren't careful... I have to fight that temptation to bid on more yarn lol. (I do NOT have a problem with yarn- I don't! I can quit!). Well off to work on laundry.


A Rant

OK... I know this has nothing to do with crocheting and if you disagree with the guntotin'bambishootin'suvdrivin'freedomlovin'redneckrightwingwackos like me then you might not want to read this. There's something wrong with this world.... when someone like Micheal anti-american lower than pondscum Moore can make a mockery out of the word documentary and the president of the United States and no one does a thing about it there's something wrong with this world! When kids this day and age think that because YOU brought them into this world you OWE THEM... there's something wrong with this world... When no one has any respect for their fellow humans and can't even take a split second to do something like Not slam a car door or TRY to listen to music at midnight NOT at full volume or not cut someone off in traffic... there is something wrong with this world. When you pay for a service and it takes them more than 24 days to fix something when it's broke but yet will cancel your service if you are 14 days late... there is something wrong with this world.... ----- What do you think would happen if Hitler had came into power and taken over Europe today? Would we have had to go into the UN and argued for years on how NOT to handle it? Would the country be all gungho until someone got killed then be whining to get us out of there cuz it's not our fight? Would the French tell us we need to give the UN more time before we (and the British of course) saved THEIR butts? Would the American population be having protests over the fact we shouldn't be in this war? Would John Kerry be telling everyone how wrong it is for our soldiers being over there? Our country pulled together to help the war effort back then... would we today? Or would it be like after the terror attacks on Spet 11, 2001 and everyone be done with the false bravado a couple monthes later because it wasn't convient? They say the greatest generation was the ones who sacrificed themselves to fight Hitler, not just the military but everyone did something "For the war effort". I believe it, and I believe that we as a country could never be strong enough to do it today if we had to. And that is pitiful! God Bless the men AND women who serve in our military THEN AND NOW.


crochet me: The Inaugural Project

Did the pattern for the crochet me: The Inaugural Project turned into a fishy but I was watching Monday Night Fishing on The Outdoor Channel so it's their fault! crochet me: The Inaugral Project

Monday Again.

Yup it's Monday again... I hate Mondays. Saturday we went to the Mountain Man Rendezvous to benifit the The Branderosa Therapeutic Equestrian Resort in Nixa MO- a ranch that uses Equine Therapy for physically and mentally challenged children. A wonderful beautiful place. We had so much fun. Last year's was kinda a bust as there was hardly anyone there but this years was great so many tents!!!! And silly me where was my camera? At HOME! Grrrr! Had a great time and for a really great cause! They should be having another in Sept but don't know when. Contact info: Branderosa Therapeutic Equestrian Resort Cathy Boyer Email: Branderosa@prodigy.net 2522 Equine Valley Rd. Nixa, MO. 65714 Started and finished these:

And a rug/placemat for Hambut, the messiest cat in the world:
David's son and his family were over Sunday, we smoked some pork tenderloin and had a really nice time visiting... sent his wife home with the book I learned how to crochet with and a hook and some yarn. Oh and they loved Nathaniels Blanket woohoo!



I found out yesterday afternoon that my Aunt Janet (Mom's oldest Sister) passed away suddenly.


Is it Friday yet?

Ever had one of those days where you just don't feel like you belong in the world you're in? lol Must just be my anxiety acting up. Feel like everything I do is gonig to upset someone. This is what I made last night when I couldn't sleep - took about 3.5 hours at the most. Didn't use a pattern so I guess it's my second original work woohoo (Hambut's collar is the first)- wonder if I should make patterns? Can you believe that I took that picture of the back of my head all by myself? COOLIES!


Gooooooooooooood Mornin'

The sun is up, been talkin to my best friend, the boy is up and feeling good. Gotta be busy with housework today oh joy! I Am

Which tarot card are you?



Working on socks right now well not exactly since i'm +typing right now but you know what I mean. lol The little boss man has a touchy belly today (vomited twice)and is cranky. Hope it's not another ear infection and just that he's eaten too much(which he sometimes does) Hate when the little guy is sick I feel so helpless. :( Got a pleasant surprise this mornin' Rae (my best friend in real life and net life since school) was online. she hasn't had net access since they left Vegas and moved back to Texas but gets on when she can get near a puter attatched to the net. Was nice drinking my mornin coffee with her just like old times. :):)


Oh God it's Monday already.

This weekend didn't last long enough and D woke up an hour late and it's getting ready to storm, in fact we're under a warning as I type. Looks like a dang good day already!!!!! (sarcasm) Well I noticed that I don't have a WIP section so if I get a chance sometime in the midst of laundry, child, pets, carpet shampooing I'll put one up. Especially since I have about five diff projects going at any given time.


Happy Father's Day

To the best Daddy in the world! Sean and I love you David, Happy Fathers Day



Went to garage sales, got Sean a little chair it pretty, also got some yarn... like I needed MORE yarn rofl 8 50 gram balls for 50 cents. I don't think it's a bad deal just don't know what I'm gonna do with it. I DON'T have a problem I can stop buying yarn anytime I want... I can... lol


i'm bored :(

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Yeah, I'm here again... with the quizzes, AGAIN! I'm alone, kid is asleep and D is at lodge so I'm on the computer... hmmm.... finished the purse: Hope you can see it. Just have to put the button on it. I loved how it turned out. WOOHOO!!!!! Onto the quizz! lol I loved this one cuz I just love Audrey Hepburn!!!!!! YOU ARE AUDREY HEPBURN
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OMG get me away from these dang Quizzes!!!!

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Is it really friday?????

I've decided I need a button... now I just need to actually MAKE one. Which should be easy right? Ummmm, yeah sure OK. That means actually being able to sit undistrubed for at least 20 mins. LOL Why do kids think cat's tails are handles??????????? Well, looks like a storm's movin' in You are Shetland Wool.
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Which City am I?

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Well if the net will coperate I MAY have pictures to show off.... OK... here's the bookmark for D for Father's Day. Sorry for the flash on the table lol! Here's what I have for the purse so far.: Also have joined my first Crochet-a-long! woohoo! I think I'll make These OK I better go make sure that kid has went to sleep for his nap and hasn't gotten quiet because he dug a tunnel out of his room.

Good Mornin'

OK, well didn't have a chance to post yesterday. D went to DR and all is OK *WHEW* - well 'cept for the low cholestrol diet we have to go on. (I say WE cuz I wouldn't make him do it alone)but even at that it wasn't THAT high. It looks like Photobucket may be working since I can see the photos on here so I'll add the bookmark photo and maybe show progress in the purse I'm hookin' right now. Chenille Shoulder Bag I'm almost done with the bag part and should get at least half of the flap done today... depends on how the day goes. Sometimes it's not easy crocheting with a almost 2 yr old boy around. princess
you are PRINCESS FIONA! you're kind and
compassionate, and see people for who they
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OK... Is this where I pull my hair out and yell? Well, my photo album host has blown up, errr rather they are "experiencing problems" as THEY say. So I have no images on here today... that really sucks becasue I was going to put up the bookmark I finished yesterday. Now I'm gonna just pout!!!!!!


Monday Monday

Wow, didn't get on here all weekend, just didn't have a chance. D made it through his stress test ok, now just have to go hear the results... Started a scarf for him at the hospital waiting but have to get more grey yarn, BTW is it grey or gray? Also working on a filet "DAD" bookmark for him for Father's Day. Actually surprised at how easy filet is. I have alsways wanted to try it but figured it was hard. I'll try to get some pics up of it. And for you, David... Happy Anniversary! The day I met you was the luckiest day of my life!



Those pictures didn't come out very good. lol I'll try to get better up in a bit. Next project has been bookmarks for Sean's Grandma and her friend who are coming from California for a visit in July. Then I'm going to work on a purse for me and everyone's Christmas presents. Oh yeah and I HAVE to throw in a father's day present in there too just don't know what yet. I better do that first... guess I'll go look for masculine bookmarks lol OMG I am SOOOOO NOT a Trekkie!!!
Which internet subculture do I belong to? [CLICK]
You are a Trekkie!
It's a geek, Jim! You probably have a starfleet uniform and a tricorder. Bonus points if you speak klingon. One day you will walk down the aisle with your buttertroll trekkie partner, humming to the Yoyager theme.
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I don't even own a StarTrek book or anything! (Although I have watched all episodes of the first and next generation series and movies)


Guess by the fact I never came back to post anything else yesterday wasn't any better. Oh well such is life. Here's the finished product. And The little one has been up since midnight.



I didn't sleep very well last night. I'll post picture of my finished shawl here in a bit after some coffee. I hope today is a better day. My Bloginality is INFP!!!


Oh boy

Looks like my website host is down AGAIN. You get what you pay for. Looks like I am on the search again for a home on the web. :( D goes to the dr for his stress test Friday morning. I WILL NOT WORRY I WILL NOT WORRY I WILL NOT WORRY.... ++A note on President Ronald Reagan's passing, He was a good man who did alot for this country; I am deeply saddened by his passing, I know he is in a better place; my sadness lies with Nancy Reagan. He was her best friend and love of her life and to have to watch all that slip away from him/them then to lose him completely had to be devastaing. My heart and prayers go out to her and the kids. May they find comfort.


WOOHOO I finally finished my shawl! I finished it last night in bed I will take pictures to post later today. I'm sooo relieved to be done with it... Now to pick my next project.


Just Enough Lacey Shawl is what I'm working on right now, like I said fringing. hehe


I hate Mondays, they suck. OK well I didn't finish that shawl last night. Am working on fringe... anyone that has a cat knows how they love to jump right in the middle of your work when you're working with yarn! lol

Hambut Dogwood of Shadydowns:



Is my birthday. Just thought you should know. We're going to go to Silver Dollar City. I should finish the shawl tonight. But we'll see how much time I get today.

Firt Try

OK Well, this is my first try here so I'll see how it goes. I will keep tabs on my crocheting here and whatever else I guess.