When Cats Attack (mini-blind cords that is)

Hambut was in usual form this morning, I work up with him sleeping on my back; when I moved he got mad and started playing with the phone cord and my glasses sitting on the headboard. I finally had to give up and get up and feed him. At 5 am! After he ate he rambled in and saved me from the evil mini-blind cords. I snapped some pictures right before he fell off the back of the chair and into my lap to which he tried to save me from my yarn and the bookmark I was TRYING to crochet. We got a BBQ grill last night, one of those that you put together, so (since it was hot) we put it together inside then took it out when it was done. Sean helped with the assmembly, he is such a big help and so cute. Pictures of a bookmark I made awhile back.

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