Weeeeelll Isn't That SPECIAL Looks like Photobucket is down this mornin'. The cat was at it again.... Not sure what he has going on. I know he misses the boy, but he wouldn't have been playing with him at 2 am either.. I know the getting in bed at 4 is he is used to D getting up then and is probably thinking something is wrong since he hasn't had to get up until 5 this week. lol They are saying that we may not get out of the 70's ALL weekend!!!!!!!!! woohoo yeehaaaw... We have only had about 7 days above 90 this summer.... It's really unusual. NOT that I'm complainin! My allergies are killing me. I am all either plugged up or running like crazy. David should be coming home early today. OMG!!!!! The latest "scandal" at work is the boss told another guy to go fire this 70 yr old man who has worked there for years and had just gotten married. Told the guy that he didn't want to do it and it would sound better coming from this man and to tell him he was being laid off but he wasn't really. He said "Well he's close to retirement anyway so it's no big deal" NO big deal? Tell that to that man! Why couldn't he had sit him down and explained that the co was having money trouble and they were going to have to let him go and then give him an early retirement party... Why not? Because xxxxx xxxxxxx is a ball-lessno-brainedno-managementskilledlowlife who can't even do his own dirty work. If he'd done it that way they may have had to pay him some retirement... God forbid they would have to take care of one of their loyal employees. OK... I'll shut up ranting... The kids are off... on their way to Virginia. I sure hope it works out for them there.

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