What an original title. I think the waterbed heater is sick... not good.... I think I have the size issue here solved. (In pictures size DOES matter lmao. Looks like we (all three of us) will be going to Nebraska for David's first interview with the prospective company week from this Thursday. David said if they offer the job, he's taking it. Really it's ok with me, as long as I got him I'm happy. I just hope we can find a place that lets us have Chloe and Hambut, I won't be happy if we have to give them up. Oh, about Hambut, I think the poor guy misses Sean too, he is moping around and sitting on my lap constantly. I'll sure be glad when he comes home. I called last night and he's having a good time they said. Did get him to say hi on the phone before he started pushing buttons (thats my boy lol). Sure miss him. Will post pics of poncho progress sometime today too.


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Kari said...

Again a test