I mooded myself refreshed this mornin, as I actually got some good sleep, or at least I feel like I did. I was awake before 2 though as the kitty was up on the bed goofing off an dI thought it was 4 so I got up to feed him so he wouldn't wake D up only to realize it was almost 2 am.... took me a bit to get back to sleep lol. I think I'll turn "got blog?" into a button and make some more buttons for blogs today. Titans let go of Eddie George, wonder who he's gonna end up with. God how I cannot wait until football season starts back up!!!!!!! Just disappoints me how we missed that Chiefs game last year cuz of the weather and now none of us are going to get a chance to go. David's son and his family are all packed up for their move back to Virginia tonight :( So even if we don't move to Texas we ALL wouldn't be here to go so I guess it's ok. NOT!!!!! but this is life and that's just a football game. So I'll live. I'd much rather those kids make their move and he get a good job and they be happy!

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Hi there, Kari! I don't have to scroll down now. I'm using IE. I'm chuckling at you and your kitty. I bet he was very pleased that he got to eat early. Wanna bet he'll try it again tomorrow. I know Spike would. See you in the forums. Dot