You know, sometimes, I really really get frustrated with myself. I have been doing really good as of late with the flylady thingy and have been feeling good about myself and life etc... my anxiety had been managable. Then today BOOM!... no reason at all. I'm a basketcase. It feels like I am not getting anything accomplished (I know that isn't true but it still feels that way). My thoughts are going rampant with worry I won't be able to get anything done for Christmas, we wont be able to find a tree, something bad is going to happen, etc. If you can name it I have worried about it today and I can't stop. I really hate when I get like this. A good point is I haven't let it sideline me today as in I have been able to function. I just get tired of those knots in my stomach and that tight "panicky" feeling in my chest.

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