Baby It's Cold Outside

You know it's a bit chilly outside when you take your hubby's freshly washed work clothes out to hang on the line and there is steam rising from them! I also forgot what it's like on your fingers hanging wet clothes in 30 degree temps... coooooold! The solution? I'm gonna go wash dishes lol That'll warm 'em up. ADDED: Dishes- done... now I have to tackle the living room to try to find some semblence of order since the boy decided to tear it apart while I was washing dishes. This is a common occurance, I clean in one area of the house he wrecks another... ahh the joys of life and motherhood. I would love to find time today to edge Belle's Poncho and make the heaadband to go with it. Then I can work on Nathaniel's stocking and their footballs (his and Seans) once I get those out of the way I can tackle the rest of the presents I have to make.

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