Monday Mayhem

MMmmmmmmmmmmm Crochety Goodness: A Teaser.... Yeah, yeah, a blurry picture. Nanner, Nanner, Nanner! You cannot look real good though because these are a couple presents and the picture might fall into the wrong hands. Got enough yarn this weekend to make the kids' presents, so off I go! Onto the Christmas rush! I learned a valuable lesson last night, actually at 3 am. Never adjust the thermostat without your glasses. We have a digital thermostat; and it's programable with tons of extra gizmos etc... when we rented this place and I asked the owner how it worked in all his wisdom said "I don't know but if you push this button it goes on"- anyway it was hot I freeze all day but come night time (being all snuggled) I get hot (add a dose of premenapausal night sweats) so I get up and set the temp to 73 from 75..... NOT we burn up the rest of the night only to find it set on 85!!! 85?????? Am I trying to roast us? Holy Flying radiators Batman! Maybe I sweated a few pounds off! lol Mark Martin came in second in the race woohoo 82 down from #1 Now I hold no hope he'll by some chance come in 1st but it's cool he isn't too far away pointwise. St Louis won even with Orlando Pace being thrown out of the game (insert grumbles and curses here about the refs throwing him out for making contacting with a ref when he was shoved into him)... Ummmm CAN'T... THINK.... MUST.... HAVE.... MORE..... COFFEE......

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