Preparations for T-Day

Well the bread has been crumbed and dried. crumbed? Is that a word? It doesn't even really describe it either... CUBED that's more like it! Anyway it's ready for making stuffing Thursday. Tomorrow I bake pies - Well pie since the other two I am making are non bake but I will make them too, and cut up the vegis I need. I am sure I will come up with a couple more things to go ahead and do tomorrow so we don't have as much to do T-Day itself. David makes a buttkicking good stuffing, I will have to have him write the recipe down or tell me how he makes it so I can submit it to the carnival sometime. He called and said they had a big storm roll through and lost power so would probably be coming home early. Right now we're beeping like crazy but it's for eastern part of our county not us. I really do have alot to be thankful for. We all do if you think about it.

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