Anxiety and Holidays

Got an email from About.com's Anxiety section about Holidays and Anxiety, thought I would share since it is coming up on the season we are all supposed to be jolly but usually end up being stressed. Holidays have been horrible for me most of my life. Only since I have been with David have they started to become enjoyable. Mainly because he is so easygoing about those things I just don't worry so much about making the "perfect" holiday experience. Oh, I still have anxiety but it's controllable usually. Coping tips from people who know how you feel
If holidays are stressful for so many people, what are they like for people with anxiety disorders? Phobias can keep us from attending functions with our loved ones. Or maybe we do go to them but feel the pain of high anxiety throughout the events. Anxiety in various forms may cause us to worry about creating a "perfect" day. Or we may be worried about possible confrontations with family members.
Here's some of the advice: Take Breaks From the Chaos Take Care of Yourself Try Assertiveness More tips to help you cope: Be a Loving Person Simplify Give Yourself Permission to Stay Home

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