"W" - Political? Post

Generalizations. We are all guilty of generalizing EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Can't help it. All Democrats are for abortion and socialized medicine, they are all pinko treehugging crazies who don't believe in God. Right? WRONG- that's a generalization. Likewise to say all Republicans are Straight, white, Christians who go around thumping bibles and want everyone to pray in school, believe in God, Guns, and the Patriot Act is a generalization as well. We do not all follow the party we belong to blindly. We all have differences even within our respective parties. I, for one think the patriot act borders on being George Orwellish and it scares the begeebers out of me. I also think the Government needs to stay out of my bedroom. I have seen quite a few blogs discussing "Tolerance" lately. On most of these sites (republican and democrat) I have seen little tolerance. I, myself, can be THE least tolerant bitch in the world. It's something we all need to work on. No, I don't believe that tolerance is approval. It just means you realize that people MAY believe, act, and feel differently than you and you don't go around judging them by telling them how stupid or wrong or going to hell because they don't act, believe, think the same way you do. You do that (pass judgment) then are you really any better than the radical Muslims that have declared Jihad(sp?) on the infidels? Think about it. ALOT of you would pass judgments on things in my life. Past and present... If you knew. That's why you don't. I don't want, need or care to be condemned to hell for anything by someone whose glass house has dirty windows. OK, I have vented something that has been troubling my soul for awhile. I'll hush on the subject now.

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