Ruben Aaron Casey 1916-2004

Ruben Aaron Casey 2/16/1916 - 11/25/2004 Rest in Peace Grandpa In an instance life can change Thanksgiving morning I was happy and joyous, laughing and thankful. In an instance, I'm on my knees crying for you because you are gone. When I was little You were a giant You were invincible and I was in awe. You were a tower who never changed. I loved the stories I loved the laughter and loved the music most of all. The music... Oh the music, you could make world alive with your music. Oh Grandpa, What do I do? I'm thankful for the years with you. But jealous of God for now he has you. He gets your stories your walks through the woods, your music, I don't. But I did and I am glad I did. I will miss you. I love you Grandpa. Goodbye.

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