Wet Wednesday

Everybody Sing:
Rain, Rain go away. Come again, another day.
You know today, I don't even mind (well I do cuz David will probably have to work Saturday).... It was nice last night being cuddled up listening to the rain with the most wonderful man in the world. It took him two hours to make the 34 mile drive home last night. Why so long? Because the big man is down form Omaha and he didn't get out of work in time to beat the big rush on I35E... Not even a big difference in time either there is a 30 min window if he gets off at one time it takes an hour if he gets off 30 mins later it's two... amazing huh? It is for my poor lil Ozarkian Redneck brain... I still cannot comprehend all those people... Send me back to Nowhere, Arkansas population 49, it boggles the mind when you aren't used to so many ppl! I love you David, thank you for all you have to put up with just to provide for us. You are wonderful. OK... Crochet anyone? Well I am 1/4 way through football #1 Which will be Nathaniel's (if it turns out ok). The boy asked me what I was making yesterday and I said a football for Nathaniel's christmas present and he said "Noooo. Mommy make hat for Naniel". So I think that means I will also be making a hat for Nathaniel as well.

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