Teapots and Two Year Olds

I have one of those teapots that whistles when the water gets hot. I love it even the dents in it! There is a routine when I make me a cup of tea. I put the water in the teapot and turn the burner on. When it gets hot and starts to whistle, the boy and I run in while he asks whats that. Then I turn it off and he again asks "What's That?" (his favorite question) I tell him it is the teapot and then we have to sing the little teapot song : You know the one "I'm a little teapot short and stout" complete with movements. Then he hugs me and I make my cup of tea , he has to smell the teabag and I have to tell him I am having a spot of tea. Makes me smile, I thought I would share the smile...

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