Too Much Rain Tuesday

We've had so much rain I need a boat to walk out to the mailbox. Back Hoome in Mo They are under a Winter Storm Watch, here it's a Thunderstorm watch. I'd take a pic and post of the progress on the shawl but I don't have any lights on yet. So nanner nanner nanner. I get frustrated cuz it feels like I never get anything done fast enough. But oh well. I am trying not to get too anxious this week with The Big T happening (Thanksgiving duh) I don't know why I am anxious... we're not going anywhere or having anyone over so why? Hell (forgive my potty mouth) David is even making stuffing and turkey all I have is the other stuff... not like I have a housefull of people or something so why? grrrrr it's irritating. Speaking of David, he came home early yesterday and they (him and the boy) were going to get haircuts but David said he was tired and would rather take a nap so the boy goes to bed and we hit our bed and cuddle listening to the rain and fall asleep. Next thign ya know it's almost 5 wow... So I rush around fix up some spaghetti and do all that stuff. It sure was nice to cuddle though. Grandpa is out of the hospital. My Aunt says he wasn't doing to good day before but looked ok yesterday (whatever that means).

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