My Grandpa is in the hospital again. His kidneys aren't working right along with all these other things that go along with being 88. The family there put a do not resuscitate order on. He had a bladder infection too and when they gave him something for it his blood pressure dropped real low so the Dr had to stop giving it to him. Looks like he will go home in the next few days. The Dr told them there isn't anything they can do for him at his age. I don't know how I feel about this. Part of me, that little girl part, just wants her Grandpa and is mad as hell because they aren't doing anything to make him better!!! I know that at his age they've done everything they can and his quality of life has been really poor this year and he wouldn't be in any pain anymore and all that... I know all that. I also know that I have had my whole life, 34 years of him and that's more than alot of people have had with any of their Grandparents. I know it's in gods hands too. None of that right now makes me feel any better. I'm sorry I guess I just needed to vent.

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