Silent Bells????

Retailer discord rings over charity's bells Apparently, some places are banning The Salvation Army's Charity bell ringing drive. I'm making my list and checking it twice....
As the Salvation Army kicks off its annual red-kettle program today, a growing number of retailers, from Best Buy to Target, are banning Salvation Army bell ringers from their doors -- to avoid having to choose between competing charities and out of concern for customers, they say. That's created a schism in the retail world, with rival chains banking on kettle-carrying volunteers to set them apart as more civic-minded.
I was not surprised in the least to see Best Buy banning them... They have not hearts, nor brains, nor my business anyway. Businesses have the right to pick and choose who they want to allow to solicit money for charity and such. I am not begrudging them that so noone jump on me for that. I merely point this out because that is just part of Christmas to me, you go shopping and hear the bells you come out drop your change in the kettle... Christmas is already one of the most hateful times of the year. (Just try working retail once during the holidays and you'll know what I mean)... now charity is being taken away in some places... Charity begins in the home but if your home doesn't allow charity then where is it going to begin???? Is it going to end? Have we gotten to the point where everyone feels they don't have to help, that's what the gov is for??? My Goodness People!

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