Heartfelt Thank Yous

I wish to thank everyone for their heartfelt condolences and well wishes over the long weekend. Most importantly, my husband who has been so great through all my tears and crankies and mooping around. Everyone has been so nice, and to those of you who were worried about my not blogging I apologize, I have spent this weekend being close to hubby and son and just being thankful to have them in my life. Grandpa went at about 2:30 am Thursday morning. They had known it wouldn't be long. He was trying to change channels on his tv and started breathing funny then was just gone. No Pain, no suffering, just gone still holding his remote. We had just put the turkey in the oven when my aunt called. Somehow I made it through they day (not somehow, it was David who helped me make it through they day) managed to get everything cooked and once we sat down to eat, it was excellent. Friday was spent putting up Cristmas decorations. I often felt guilty for smiling at times because Grandpa was gone. It hurts still that he is gone, but feeling bad is not gong to bring him back. I try to put those sad thoughts away by thinking of the funny things over the years. In short (or looking back through what I typed; long) I am back, and will be OK. Thank you all once again for being so great. Especially you David. Saturday I managed to twist my ankle really well hanging clothes out. Thankfully it's better now, I can put pressure on it and it's stopped swelling for the most part. It just hurts everynow and then or when I move it a certain way ("Hey Doc it hurts when I do this...") In a way it was a good thing as I got one side of my poncho down and if things go right today I should finish up Nathaniel's Football. It looks better when it's dark, trust me.

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