To the Veteran

I woke up this morning, my bed was warm, soft, and comfortable. Thank You. I got up and put my clothes on, they were nice, not rags. Thank You. I walked through my house; it was warm, dry, and safe. Thank You. I got a cup of coffee, and prepared for my day without threat of life or fear of persecution. Thank You. I go online, read the news, read everyone's views; even expressed my own. Thank You. My son wakes up, He is safe, well fed, and happy. Thank You. I thank you, the Veteran, for all these things in my life. Things I would never have if not for you. I thank you, the Veteran, for because of you, I live in freedom and have never known what it was like to not be free. Thank you to all Veterans for your sacrifices in service to this Country. For ensuring the safety and freedom of my family. Sometimes you served with fanfare galore Other times you came home alone no fanfare, no parades, no thanks; nothing but hatred. Would that I could, give you a parade everyday. Thank you Veterans, for your service, and for my freedom. In Honor of Veterans. Veteran's Day 2004 copyright2004KariHoltz

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