"W" Wednesday!- It's OFFICIAL!!!!

One more time I'd like to say WE WON! WE WON! YOU LOST! WHY???? Why did you lose??? You lost because you picked a loser traitor to represent you!!!!!!!! To my cousin Patrick, I'd like to say "NANNER NANNER NANNER dumb Texan huh? At least MY dumb Texan didn't turn on his country. At least my dumb Texan won!" Maybe the democratic party decided to put kerry in there just to lose as my good friend Smoke Eater says, just to set it up for Billary's run in '08. Maybe that is the case, it would make it a little easier to believe than the fact they wanted a man who turned his back on his fellow servicemen during the Vietnam war. Everyone embraced this man. Touted how good he was what a decent man, how he served his country, was a war hero, cared about this country. I tell you this now... There is no way I will EVER forgive that man for what he did to veterans like my husband. In my eyes, he was, is and will be a traitor to this country. And the fact the democratic party supported him will be a sore spot with me for a long time. They were talking on Fox news about how divided this country is, and I have seen kerry supporters blogs about how the division is Bush and Republicans fault. That remains to be seen by me. I see division because people like kerry are chosen to run your party. Not only is he a traitor but he did everything in his power to create divisions between classes during this election -he tried to stir up trouble for things just like he did during the Vietnam war. Yes, the division is real, and it won't easily go away.

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