Monday??? NO FAIR! *stomps foot*

I first want to go on the record saying that alarms and workdays should be outlawed! It's not fair!!!! Weekends are NOT long enough. They do not have near enough cuddle time. And I miss David now cuz he's off to work. It's NOT fair!!!!! OK I've ranted so I'll settle down. OOOHHH Mark Martin ALMOST won the race!!!!!! Came in second. Too bad he didn't win but, like he said they were screwed either way when that caution came out. I promised pics : First here's Halloween pics: Pumpkin Boy (sorry Chie couldn't resist) he met all the trick-or-treaters at the door with a "Hi" and "Bye". He was cute. And me in my wicthy chocolatey goodness: Here's David and warm winter hat (goes with the scarf I made him for his BDay remember?) And last but not least found out about this and spent a couple hours making these to send off: Oh an am almost finished with Belle's little poncho so hopefully I'll get it done today. Have so much to do today.....

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