Fab Friday

Friday, whew... David will be home this weekend, he doesn't have to work. And after our usual Saturday shopping excursion we don't have a thing to do. Went out to eat last night for Veteran's Day, only because everyone said "Go to Golden Corral on Vets day and vets eat free" Well once we got there we were inform (rather rudely I might add) That it was next Monday they were doing that... OK, makes sense to not do it on Veteran's Day but to do it 4 days after and on the night hubby usually has to work late. Well, we went ahead and ate, food was good and service this time was pretty good (Our local GC is hit and miss on food and service). Then we went to Wally World, picked up some items that were needed and a few that weren't. Got the Grandson part of his Christmas, the yarn to make his stocking and some cotten yarn for me to try a pot holder but I don't think I got enough. I ALWAYS feel like I am commiting a crime when I buy yarn... even if it is something for someone else like a $2.17 skien of yarn for Nathaniel's stocking. and then I actually got a $1.24 ball of cotton for myself *gasp*. I'm serious I feel horrible about it, I really do... I'm such a spaz!!!! On the other side we grabbed some movies, one was one David thought he had but doesn't. "We were Soldiers" (Which is a great movie but I cry almost all the way through it), we also got "A Christmas Story", "It's a Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Carol"(The original one). I watched A Chirstmas Story (one of my fave Christmas movies ever) last night since our local abc station was one of those to NOT air Saving Private Ryan and instead showed oprah.... It's ok for stations to air people eating animal anuses but not ok to show a war movie (and one every American should watch btw) to show on Veteran's Day? Moving on.... I got my Crochetville secret pal's birthday gift too hehe... I'm sending a package before then too but I wanted to get these things before they ran out because it's special. OK enough rambling... Finishing up a couple small things and I'm sorry but I cannot post a pic for fear I'll be found out Christmas presentwise.

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