Ten Thousand Tuesday

Sometime over the night my humble little blog surpassed 10,000 visitors!!!!!! Thank you everyone, for your visits, even those who come by just to see if I have said something politically incorrect! lol All I have left to do on Belle's poncho is the edging! And the headband. I have a couple side small projects that need to be worked on too so I don't know what I'll do today. I have a sore throat and an ear ache today. :( And I was cuddled up to David so comfortable and warm then the alarm went off :( NOT FAIR! I soooo need to pick the winning lottery numbers. Today is also Election Day. I would love to make a last push and tell everyone how bad this country will get if kerry is elected and how he left men in Vietnam to die by denying their existence back in the 90's, not to mention his actions after he got back from his 4 month tour. But I won't. How he'll raise taxes, and lower military spending, and put those soldiers over in Iraq in more danger by his U.N. asskissing actions, but I won't. How Bin Laden wants you to vote for kerry. But I won't. Why? Because most people have already made up their minds. I'm highly unsettled by this election. There is so much talk about voter fraud there is NO way ANYONE no matter who wins can be sure of an honest win. If Bush wins, kerry command central will unleash the lawhounds (don't forget his little sidekick is one) and contest the victory. And if kerry wins I really do expect the same from the Right. When states like Florida put a call to action for people to register to vote in that state even if they are not residents just to get the state to swing towards one side IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT!!!!! There are counties in Ohio that have more people registered to vote than it has legal citizens of voting age!!!! Might as well line up the canidates and play "enny meany miny mo". I'm not saying that most people are out to sabotage (sp?) this election. I know exactly who is doing it. No, I am not going to say the Democraps so ya'll can put the torches out and lay the pitchforks down. I do believe there are party's involved with interests outside this country that would love to see us thrown into turmoil. If election results are contested (and you know they are taking good odds in Vegas that they will be) we will be in a state of chaos momentarily. Which is what our enemies want. Each indivual(sp?) state has already been threatened by action if we don't elect the person THEY want us to elect. Go vote. PLEASE, it's your right. My ancestors fought and died to give you that freedom. I pray you vote for Bush but it is up to you. No matter who you vote for pray for this country because over the next few weeks no matter who wins we will need any and all prayers we can get. God Bless America.

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